New Aqara T1-series Zigbee 3.0 devices finally available

I just came back from picking up 7 of the "new" T1 devices from my local Aqara store. They were announced summer last year, but took about 1 year before they actually came out. They are all Zigbee 3.0. I've not tested them much yet and as such I'll add info as I do test them. To the touch they feel exactly like the old models, no difference at all really. Aside from them being ZB3.0 devices the big difference is price (here in China basically double the price compared to the old models).

Here are some photos of the new devices:

The new T1 Cube (MFKZQ11LM) in comparison to the old one(MFKZQ01LM):

It pairs fast and easy, but I do see that the traffic sent is rather different, the driver will need some serious updates.

The New T1 Water Leak sensor (SJCGQ12LM) in comparison to the old one(SJCGQ11LM):

Paired quickly, but doesn't send anything, probably need to bind to the clusters first. Driver changes needed.

T1 Temperature, Humidity and Pressure sensor (WSDCGQ12LM) compared to the old one(WSDCGQ11LM):

Paris quickly, but like the others, nothing except the model and manufacturer name is being sent. Probably just need to bind to the right cluster.

T1 Aqara Button (WXKG13LM) compared to the old version (WXKG12LM):

Pairs and seems to work (though initially detected as an Aqara Water Leak Sensor), no shake-event sent. Once I switched to my button driver single, double and triple click as well as held works.

T1 Aqara Motion Sensor (RTCGQ12LM) compared to the old one (RTCGQ11LM):

Pairs quickly but probably need some bind commands.

T1 Aqara Contact Sensor (MCCGQ12LM) compared to the old model (MCCGQ11LM):

The T1 Aqara Contact Sensor pairs and is detected as my Generic Zigbee Contact sensor, but doesn't work out of the box. Probably just need bind here as well.

Last but not least, an Aqara T1 relay (DLKZMK11LM) I had no idea was going to be released:

I have not connected and tested this device, that is left for another day.

Working drivers for all of these will be released when I find the time. Since I don't think anyone outside of China have these yet I don't think there is much of a hurry anyway :wink:

Hope you all enjoyed the little introduction to these devices. Let me know what you think! I will now connect them and see how they behave long term. I will also monitor their traffic with Wireshark to see if they truly are "good" devices.


Relay looks a little nicer than the old one. Any sign of the M2 hub?

In two-three days. I might not pick up that one right away though, worried I will fall down a rabbit hole if I do... :slight_smile:

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Should be a little more fun to play with than the Mijia Multimode Gateway which seems to not have the MFI chip, so you need to keep the connection to their servers open or you can't use it offline with HomeKit devices.

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Ah, that might actually be a very good reason to pick it up ASAP. We'll see, the store is only 15 minutes away, they will message me when the M2 arrives.

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@markus Thanks for the introduction. I have read that these new T1 sensors use standard Zigbee profiles and should work better with third party hubs. Please do some testing to confirm when you get a chance

What I can say to that is that they do seem to use standard clusters, exactly how conformant they are remains to be seen. I did test the THP sensor by binding to the standard clusters, that does work. Over time we'll see.

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Yay ! I have been checking every few weeks since last year to see these being released and have held off on buying the old ones as well. Looking forward to see if you are able to wrangle these into submission on the HE :slight_smile:

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Ohh I wonder if the price will come down, although If they play nice, they will still be worth a look.

Love my Aqara gear. It's all so nicely designed and made. Way better looking and nicer finish than the nasty, flimsy, weirdly shaped new Sonoff ones in my opinion. Hopefully these new Xiaomi ones will stay attached and work a little more reliably than their predecessors, although mine mostly work ok now thanks to your great drivers.


How are you getting on with these ? @markus

I'm not, no time, they are simple, just need more time than I have right now :frowning:

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Hi markus,

Where do you live? I can't seem to find any Aqara T1 devices available online.
Are the ones you found only available at a local store? But where? The US?

Markus has been suspended from this community.

But I believe he lives in China.

Suspended???? Why???? He was such a great member...

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Markus is here now:

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But why was he suspended??

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I'm just now reading, this: Hello Everyone! - Founders - Oh-La LABS Community


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