[NEW APP] Room Lighting

Great idea, just disappointed how slow it is and the need to refresh everyone you click an option, but I guess that maybe down to limitations of the platform.

Apologies if this has been raised before... Issue with migrating ML to RL where contact sensors are used as triggers.

EDIT - As soon as I make this statement, the Kitchen came through with contact sensors.... Well it's a positive.... Just not sure what I was seeing with my earlier migrations...

I've moved most of my rooms from ML to RL today. Took me a few to work out that I think when choosing to migrate a ML child app to RL, it would appear that migration process hangs when activation based on contact sensors has been selected in the ML setup. Only thing I could see to do was reboot the HE hub, but every chance there was another option. Upon reboot, when opening the parent RL app the migrated ML app is linked and able to be opened, as it would normally when choosing to create the RL app from ML.

When opening the new RL app, motion sensors are the only activation option, but contact sensors are also listed under the list of motion devices selected. Easy enough to remove these, select contact opens as an activation and select the contact sensors under the appropriate list.

A relatively minor migration issue once you know what the issue is, and no reason not to make the move.

Some combination of done and update seems to have solved based on a short test tonight. There was a RM rule also involved so I hit done on that too. I'll need to do a longer test another night. Thanks!

Some combination of done and update seems to have solved based on a short test tonight. There was a RM rule also involved which I hit done again on too.

Edit: spoke too soon.

Same thing, it says disabled by the switch but the illuminance sensor or evening mode are turning the lights on while still supposedly disabled.

Would you post a screenshot of it again, or is it the same as above?

Sorry, I found the problem. It only affected activating by illuminance as far as I can tell. Fix for this will be in the next release.


Fix for this problem with illuminance triggering when disabled has been released: Release 2.3.3 Available - #8 by bravenel

Thanks so much, and amazing turnaround!

I know I've been struggling with RL, and have found a few things that were not working exactly as maybe intended.

But right now at least, all of my RL stuff appears to be working the way I expected it to.

Thanks for speedy responses!

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Hi! I'm new in here Hubitat world and maybe I'm stupid or blind, but I can't find the way to install this room light app? Thanks for helping me out!

Try going to the Apps page and selecting new built in app.

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Of course, like I said, I'm stupid, :grinning: Thanks!

LOL, just need some time to get familiar with where we hide things. Give it a few weeks and it will become second nature, and if you ever get lost there are plenty on here that will lend a hand.


Ok, one more question, not necessary related to the room lighting, but I have a ceiling light with dimmable and temperature LED with colour strip. I can change values from both separately, but can't do both, whites and colours. How I should route it? I guess I can't duplicate a device.

What's the manufacturer and model? Guessing that you'd need a custom driver that creates a child for each.

Its Rovito-Z by Eglo, Works with ZigBee

Thanks for that. FWIW, the devices I had that were "going red x" were both Z-Wave Plus (Jasco dimmers/switches and Minoston dimmer plug running Eva Logik driver, which just seems to work better than the Minoston driver w/that plug).

I've seen an improvement in this issue in RL since recent updates.

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Nice app - glad I took the time to move over from Motion. I was going on about the motion inactive not being able to turn off after an external light turn on (despite that light being an activation event) however I just discovered the countdown timer. Works perfectly! I still think the motion timer (alone) could be utilized in this use case.

This works, just making sure I don't have some round-robin activations setup here? I'm purposefully trying to link the two lights so one turns on the other, either from this app or externally.

Look at the Logs it creates. It being Activated by the Device it turns on is certainly suspect for a loop, but perhaps it stops after once.

No it looks like it's captured in one, maybe two instances of "ignoring, already Activated" (paraphrasing here) in the logs, so I think I'm okay. Just wasn't sure if there was a cleaner/more appropriate way. Thanks!

It appears the timer may not be adhering to the "from First/Last activation event" selection? Turn off event happens exactly 10min after the initial turn-on. Or is this because subsequent events aren't "counted" as true activation events ("already activated")?

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