New Android Tablet - how to implement dashboards

I picked up a refurbished ONN Android 10 10.1" tablet for $65 shipped. I hope to mount this on a wall for device control and data display with Hubitat. I have read that Fully Kiosk is great for this. A quick look at their product description appears like it will be complicated to setup. I only have two dashboards I care about (thanks to Brian and his great Tile Master app). Do I really need Kiosk for this. I would like to find out how to eliminate Android status lines at the top of the screen and have just my tiles showing. Do I need Kiosk for that?



Sounds great.....ill give it a go.....thanks

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I installed it, and ran it and it looks fantastic. First question. How do i run this without going to the playstore. Is it on my tablet somewhere?.....skip it i found it. This is exciting.

So far so good. Can you share with me how you created the 3 day weather forecast tile and the garage temp/battery tile?

That's not my dashboard pictured there, it's @jpage4500's. But if you search the loooong topic I linked I think you'll find answers to most any question.

lol.. it is looooong.. and i can see how it'd be hard to figure out some of the little details too like that 3-day weather tile. I should probably put some more help/tooltips in there for things like that one.

  • here's how the weather tile is setup
  • you can switch the device type by long-pressing on the tile and hit Edit -> Change Device Type. That option only shows for a device that supports multiple things which I know a lot of devices do
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