Network Question/Hubitat Discovery

Hey folks, just got my Hubitat yesterday.

I had a lot of trouble discovering it once I hooked it up to the network--had to login to the router and use the IP to discover the hub in the Hubitat portal. But, finally got there. Now I'm having trouble finding my Hue app, but it might be a network challenge.

I have a Fios router connected via ethernet to an Eeros mesh router with its own network. That router is connected to a switch, and my Hue hub hangs off that switch.

(I have another router connected to the switch that is running VPN, but that's not really relevant here.)

When the Hubitat is connected via ethernet to the Fios router, I can see it fine, but I cannot see the Hue hub. When the Hubitat hub is connected to the switch, I cannot see it at all.

I thought everything downstream should have been available to the Hubitat hub; i.e., by connecting it via ethernet to the Fios router, the very first link in the chain, I would be able to see everything on down to the switch.

Feel like I'm missing something simple here, but maybe not--maybe it's a configuration issue with the Eeros? Anyone with stronger networking knowledge please do point me in a direction.

Quick notes:

  • I did reserve the IP the Hubitat hub was using when plugged into the Fios router.
  • I have not disabled the wireless/network on the Fios router (although I know I should, I haven't experienced any interference, but maybe now's the time).
  • When I have the Hubitat hub hanging off the switch, I cannot discover it in the Hubitat portal.
  • Bought the Hubitat off of ebay--the listing indicated it was some sort of prize that was never given out and had a configuration loaded for a specific air purifier...but that config was removed.

Thank you!

Ok so you have multiple networks going on (and double natting) This is not ideal with or without a hubitat. Proper way should be

internet------verizon router set to bridgemode/passthrough--------eeeros wan port----eeros lanport---everything you have

This setup will turn off the wifi/dhcp/everything else in the verizon unit and stop with the double natting. You shouldn't have any issues after that...(Note a better option is to simply eliminate the fios unit and plug your eeros directly into the DMARC instead)

Hmm, sounds like it was simply setup and then reset. Were you able to register the hub? Go to to check.

Reserving the ip is always good. If you need to find the hub without knowing what the ip is, simpy open a web browser and go to hubitat.local

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Great success, thank you so much.

I had started googling to figure out how set the Fios router to bridge mode and was very surprised to see the internet tell me I didn't need it. Then your message came in and I took that as verification.

So, I've got the Eeros plugged in directly to the line (I thought it was an ONT, not a DMARC? but I'm likely incorrect), Fios router powered down and everything is running swimmingly.

Reserving the new IP on Eeros was a cinch, too, fwiw.

Ok! I've got my Hue setup imported and once everyone wakes from their naps I'll set up a few automations. Thanks so much!

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either one applies. I tend to use the terms interchangeably like kleenex...

Fair enough. Thank you so much!

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More work for you, I'm afraid, @user6147 :wink:


I hadn't quite realized I still had a generic name. I'll update now, thanks!