Network drop outs returned

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Good Morning everyone,

It seems after upgrading to 124 and then 125 my hub has started dropping off my network and wont return unless I reboot it. I'm not sure if it is something in the update or just "I updated". Originally when this happened I set the hub to be fixed instead of auto but now it seems like it doesn't matter what permutation I use (hub fixed/switch auto, hub fixed/switch fixed, hub auto/switch auto ).

I also still get this error message when accessing only the network setup page if I use https only:

If I set it like below that page starts working:

When it drops off your network, how are you rebooting it? Power cycle by removing the plug?

For most people, it shouldn’t be necessary to mess with the Ethernet speed negotiation settings.

But what kind of switch and router are you using?


Press the reset button on the bottom of the hub with a paper clip or toothpick. This will reset your network settings. See if it continues to drop off. If after that it continues, change network cable. After that we may have to dig into your router

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I am removing the plug, waiting a couple seconds and putting it back in. I have it connected to a Ubiquiti (Unifi) EdgeSwitch 8XP. Upstream from that is other Unifi gear.

This hub was a replacement (suspect refurb) to my original hub that was having z-wave range issues.

Will I have to reconfigure devices/automations with that button or does it just affect the network settings?

Just network settings. Resets it to DHCP

Just did that so let's see how long it lasts

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You may want to do a soft reset (download the database to your pc first) to make sure that your hub database isn't corrupted as well.

Just checked the hub and it's not accessible :frowning: @bobbyD any ideas?

Can you try a different network cable, if only to exclude its malfunction as a possible cause?
The whole "intermittent dropping off the network with increasing frequency" sounds a lot like the symptoms of cable failure... and it happens more often that I'd expected.


I have swapped the cable (Rebooted the unit prior to seeing your response) in the following way:

  1. Used cable tester on a different cable (All 8 connects came back green)
  2. Pulled old cable and replaced
  3. Tested old cable with cable tester (All 8 connects came back green).

and the hub is no longer accessible on the network :frowning:

edit: The hub does show a green light though.

Does the hub have a static or dhcp address?

It uses DHCP with a MAC reservation at the DHCP server.

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For giggles I would push the reset button on the bottom of the hub anyway. It reset the network settings.

I did that for giggles so lets see how long it lasts. shrugs

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Looks like it survived the night but I'm going to keep monitoring and report back accordingly. I guess next question is what can be done so this isn't an issue on the next update and what about the other error from the initial post?

Without knowing the exact cause I can't tell you. It may have been a result of a DNS issue in HE but I'm not sure. @gopher.ny is the guy for the Network issues on HE.

What browser are you using? Can you try a different one and when presented accept the security risk and continue to see if it comes up for you?

Could you please PM me your hub's id? I'll look though the engineering logs for possible clues.

PM Sent - I had to reboot because it had become unreachable again.