Network drop outs returned

I'm using MS Edge Chromium with my own generated certificates. The certificate placed in /hub/advanced/certificate is the full chain in the following order (Hub Cert > Intermediate Cert > CA Cert).

This really sounds like a hardware malfunction. If you didn't do so already, please open a warranty case by visiting the following page:

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I have not but I also don't see an option for this (unless I can use the same authorization code as last time):

One last thing to check - is there anything on the network that uses jumbo frames?
Also, are jumbo frames enabled on the router?
This is one thing that's known to freeze the hub. A replacement hub will not help in this case - it will freeze just the same.


I checked the switches along it's path and they had jumbo frames disabled however the UDM Pro had them enabled when it should not have. That is now disabled.

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Ok, let's give it a couple of days. The hub will likely stop freezing now, but please let us know if still does.

Can this be addressed in the OS networking code?

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I'm looking at it, but hot updating low level OS files on eMMC storage carries a non-trivial risk of messing up the OS into non-bootable state.

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For sure. And the majority of home users don't use jumbo frames anyway.


Looks like we won't have to wait that long - Just checked it and it's not reachable.


I restarted both my UDM Pro and the hubitat this morning and am monitoring it to see how long it lasts. Current uptime is 3hrs.

Looks like the answer is about 1 day is the answer for that run. Woke up this morning and the hub was unreachable on the network.

Any ideas?

Yes, please check your email :frowning:

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