Netherlands Taxes/Duty

I thought I would share that for The Netherlands I had to pay 75 euro in import duty/taxes/customs for 2 Hubitat Elevation Europe models at the older offer price of $139.95 each.

It took approximately 8 days to enter the country from the moment the shipping label was created and another 5 or so days between customs clearance and delivery.

Hope it helps potential NL buyers!

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Still cheaperthan Portugal.

Why not buy it on eBay?

Because eBay only accepts creditcards and unlike Americans, Dutch people don't use creditcards that much. We rely on debitcards and systems like PayPal.

Ps, I just payed 35 Euro's import taxes for one HE.

eBay is PayPal and PayPal is eBay :slight_smile:

Sorry, I made a mistake. I was thinking of Amazon. But you are right. eBay could be a solution, if Hubitat was selling it on there (but they don't at the moment). Thought both eBay and Amazon are not popular in The Netherlands. Dutch people tend to use only shops who provide iDeal payment (which is a national initiative from the national banks).

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If Hubitat sold the hubs on eBay and shipped them from USA to Europe what difference would it make to the buyer in EU regarding import fees? If you buy on eBay from EU registered business and the item is shipped from EU then you only pay the eBay price + delivery. You also get EU guarantee terms. No import fees.

For those not sure if buying on eBay is safe. If you buy from EU business seller EU dedicated hub - you get 2 year guarantee according to EU rules. Just make sure it is a business seller.

I don't think Dutch people will use eBay though. Also because the one EU seller of HE is called from Poland. But at the shipment details it says it will be shipped from the UK. That doesn't add up with me and therefore I will skip that shop.

Where do you get it is shipped from UK?

Sorry. Guess I was looking without really looking. My bad, you are totally right.

I am ultrasmart @frits. There is really nothing to worry about.

I kinda had that suspicion by now :joy: I will keep it in mind next time I need a hub.

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The eBay EU sales is backed by 2 year warranty and returns either in UK or PL.
This is just to make it easier to get a HE in EU.
Really nothing to worry about eBay. The buyer gets an invoice and all the EU returns consumer law benefits. :slight_smile:

Anyone aware If Hubitat have plans to distribute in EU. I am currently a SmartThings user with 35+ devices and hubs, and I think a total cost of 166€ delivered is a hefty price to see if it is working.

I got my initial hub from HE in the US and had to pay import duty.
I recently purchased a second hub from one of the contributors in this thread via eBay.
So I suppose we have EU distribution of sorts as long as the person above continues to do so.
SmartThings uses Curry's PC World in the UK as a sole distributor but there is nothing like that for HE yet.

I suppose if you specify what you have on ST and what you want to put on HE people can advise if those devices work on HE.

Ok, thanks for quick feedback. Looks like it is lively community;-)
I have following hubs connected:
SmartThings v2; IKEA Hue (with several lights behind); Harmony Hub C2C.

WiFi device types:
D-link DCS-5010L, DCS-942L
Everspring ST814 temperature
LAN Wemo Switch

Z-Wave types (many of each):
Fibaro Dimmer 2 ZW5
Fibaro Roller FGR-223
Fibaro double switch 2 FGS-223
Fibaro Motion Sensor ZW5
Fibaro The Button ZW5
Fibaro Wall Plug EU ZW5 (some of the new versions are not working)
Z-Wave Dimmer Switch Generic

LAN Hue Bridged:
LAN Hue Color Temperature
LAN Hue Temperature

Today I additionally have Reolink WiFi cameras, Broadlink RM pro, Smart WiFi garage opener, Roborock vacumer WiFi), but I neither expect them to work on Hubitat.
I do understand if it is cumbersome task to help me making a decision, but thanks in advance.
The main reason for I wish to change is I would like to avoid the slack due to roundtrip in the cloud.

Thank you @bobbles for mentioning eBay :slight_smile:
Anyone interested please search carefully to buy EU version of the hub.
Right now the price on eBay is higher than usual - till Saturday (I'm away).