Netatmo weather station support

There have been numerous attempts to port Netatmo Connect from SMARTTHINGS community over the past year. I really would like to se this supported natively in HE. It would be best from HE standard but if any developers want to give it another that would be great.

Any seconds on this? Please reply here.


I would definitely second this!! It's one of the reason I'm keeping my ST hub online.

This community solution works great for me. Give it a spin.

From what i have read, this one still is not complete, as it has recurring issues gracefully dealing with api delays from Netatmo, resulting is hub slowdowns and lockups.


Have you tried? I’ve used it for months without a hiccup!

I did load it in August when I first got my HE. The Temperature devices worked but not the wind and rain. I was not very experienced when I loaded and played with it but i have learned a thing or two since. I could try it again, but if I recall correctly I had issues with the wind and rain sensors.

Ah that explains our different experiences. I don’t have the wind and rain sensors — just the Indoor and Outdoor modules. At least Netatmo Connect works for the core stuff.

Has anyone figured out a dashboard template for the rain sensor? It looks like the device installed and reporting, but I can't seem to figure out how to display the rain information on my dashboard.


Is there a way to make this app a bit less "chatty" in the logs? I understand it updates every 5 min, just don't care to see the details in the logs.

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I have made some enhancements to the application/drivers to address some of the issues people have commented about...