Nested EZ Dashboards (Rooms)?

I think the new Easy Dashboard is a big, big step up and understand you are still adding new devices and capabilities. Am I right that as of right now (May 25, 2024) there is no way to add an Easy Dashboard to either a Classic or EZ Dashboard (that is to have a nested Easy Dashboard)?

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You can use the navigation menu in the lower left corner to link multiple EZ dashboards. A link tile is in works and will be released in a future update.

Check this post: Easy Dashboard Navigation to Dashboards (cellphone)


Do you mean this one?
Screen Shot 2024-05-25 at 3.30.11 PM

Because, if so, when I click it I only can close it with the "X" or go back home to the main dashboard page. I don't see how to like another dashboard to the one I'm in.
Screen Shot 2024-05-25 at 3.30.23 PM

I have 2 other things I'd like to mention. The first is that what I would assume would be the fan on/off button (as it is with switches) seems to do nothing. My fan controls are Inovelli ones from when they made the fan and light control in 1 switch. When I go into the child device, which has a Hampton Bay Fan Component as the driver, the Set Speed is set to "low", which I believe is the default speed. So it would be nice if the on/off portion of the button would turn it on to whatever setSpeed was set to.

I can get to the controls by using the 3 dots, but that isn't particularly intuitive, and when I do, the control box that appears is a bit small:

I wish I could size it (and have it remember the size) so I wouldn't have to scroll to set the speed I want. When I click on Fan in the Classic Dashboard the menu pops up. (And that one, while tall enough to see all the controls is way wider than needed - but at least all the choices are there).


I'm not sure if this is related or not (but if so, it sure is a coincidence) but on my iPhone I'm using the Beta app and if I go into the Devices tab and touch one of the fan controls it instantly crashes the app, but if I go under Dashboards it works fine. So in both the iPhone Devices page and in the Easy Dashboard the Fan icon won't turn on the fan (but at least the Easy Dashboard doesn't crash it). (BTW, I also saw there that the EZ Dashboards don't appear, but I recall seeing something that, that is still in development).

The other thing to put on the wish list is that I have a Fibaro button controller and I would like to be able to edit the button names. I couldn't see a way to do that.

When the link tile happens will the navigation menu still work the same or is that going away or would you be able to either one?


See here:

No change to the navigation. Just adding a new tile type.

However, the option to remove the Home link from Settings needs to be fixed.

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Sorry, but I'm still not getting it. I went into settings and then checked the box at the top, like in your picture and it checked all my Easy Dashboards.I then created a new Easy Dashboard to be the Main one that will hold other Easy Rooms. (BTW, I didn't see anyway to add the other Easy Dashboards there so I had to pick one device before I could create it.)

I then went into my new Easy Main dashboard and I went to add devices and saw the others, but I don't know how to add them. This is where I got to:

I'd actually like to see this taken one step further, not only to rename the buttons but to assign it as a push, double tap, hold or release. This then eliminates the popup and you can just press to enable or any of the other options.

Hope this answers the question -

So in my case I have a Main, Lights and Sensors dashboard shown below

I have all three configured with the devices for those dashboards. Below is a picture of my Main dashboard and you can see in red that I have checked the dashboards for the lights and sensors here

So now when I press the navigation button at the lower left corner while in the Main dashboard I see the Lights dashboard and Sensor dashboard and can click either on to go to that dashboard

The same applies for both my lights and sensor dashboard. example here is my lights dashboard and I have checked here Main and Sensor for Navigation

So when I am in the Lights dashboard and click on the navigation button in the lower left it shows Main and Sensors dashboards I can navigate to by pressing either one of them

As well you should be able to select all dashboards and when pressing the navigation button they all showup.

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Thanks. Not 100% sure, as I thought I had done that before and it didn't work, but now it did. When I did that it took me to that room. I then did the same for every room, which in some ways is even nicer since I don't have to go back to the Main room to go to another room. I understand that a tile is coming that can be on the dashboard to save us from having to use the navigation button. That would be great. While a dedicated tile may be the preferred way in many situations, the downside of that is that it takes up real estate as opposed to the navigation button, so I hope that doesn't go away. If you do keep the navigation button I would request that we could have a custom sort order instead of the mandatory alphabetical order we have now (which is 100% fine as the default).

I do have one more question in that I'm not really sure what the choice of "Dashboard page in the hub UI" really does/is meant for, so I"m not sure if I want it checked or not. I see you didn't check it in the above example.

Oh, and I do have 1 other wish list item: I noticed that when I was dragging a tile if I happened to go across other tiles they instantly rearranged to make room for the tile I was dragging (which is good) but when I kept dragging it and finally released it elsewhere those moved tiles didn't snap back into place. So that's something that does need to be worked on.

But, all-in-all I am joining in with all the other rave reviews I'm seeing for the new dashboard and can't wait until these few little things get ironed out and it comes to my iPhone.

Yeah not sure either but I don't really need it with my setup

Yep noticed this as well, I'm sure they'll get it fixed up at somet point

Yep I've already got my cell phone configured and testing it out, of course not through the cloud as its not available yet but locally in the house using it.

I've pretty much ditched the original dashboard at this point

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