Nest Thermostat

I'm thoroughly miffed with Nest. I really am enjoying my new hubitat but I already had the Nest thermostat and one of my goals was to trigger some vent fans to run a short time upon the AC coming on. I despise monopolistic corporate paradigms and this google nest thing is fubar. What options are there?

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Until August 31 when Nest will be making some major changes that we don't have a lot of clear answers on... you should be able to integrate Nest with Hubitat using a user-provided series of apps.

Note: it's a large thread, but I strongly encourage you read the whole thing before getting started so you can use some of the short cuts that others have found. If I recall I was able to get it working without creating a Nest developer account, but it was a while ago...

Thank You sorry for the slow reply. I have been on a Home Theater install. But today Im going to look at this and learn some more.