Nest Thermostat

coming from ST and planning on migrating to HE. i have had some of my queries answered but forgot to ask about my NEST THERMOSTAT.

right now, the thermostat is set to AWAY when LOCATION MODE changes to AWAY when ALL PRESENCE SENSORS (Webcore) are not present.

would this be something possible as well with HE?

right now i am confused as well how the above mentioned ROUTINE is happening as Webcore is not supposed to be working anymore. Another thing that i am also intrigued on, is my previous use of NST MANAGER that has also ceased to be supported (long before planned migration to edge) THAT i think continues to work(?). by work, i mean the Thermostat is set to not run when certain temp conditions are met. i.e. if its cool outside and it meets a set cool temp. during summertime the AC will be on eco mode..

just curious if such functionality also exist on HE.

P.S im bidding on a C7 HE right now and I hope i win!

You want to read this entire thread.

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Is any of this Google SDM API stuff working any more?

I am using that integration with my Nest 3rd Gen and it works fine. I usually just let it do its thing though and do not have schedules or anything programmed in HE. But I can adjust the mode or temp from HE if needed.

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I've got the "Google Device Access - Project ID", but I cannot for the life of me figure out what is supposed to be pasted into the "Google credentials.json" field to get the Google SDM API set up. The "instructions", such as they are talk about the "Device Access Console", which does list the Project ID, but I am unable to find any reference to the .json in anything but the context of a "Service Account", which seems unrelated to the Nest API access.

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So, I pasted in the "project id" from the "Device Access Console" page, and the app setup page did not complain, and I pasted in the entire contents of the downloaded client-secret .json file, and then it complains about the entire object being null when the 2nd value is entered.

Cannot get property 'project_id' on null object

The system log says:
Java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property 'project_id' on null object on line 224 (method mainPage)

Something has been assumed, and I'm not grasping what I'm missing

Its pretty clear in the instructions.

Copy and paste the contents of your Oauth2 credentials.json file downloaded from GCP (step 7 in Google Pre-requisites above) into the Google credentials.json input field.

Step 7:

  1. Once setup is complete, copy the OAuth 2.0 Client ID and Client Secret values, and download the Credentials JSON to your local machine. You will need these values later.

Yep, that's what I'm doing, google downloads a "client_secret.....json" file, and I'm copying and pasting the whole contents, end to end, in plain text into the field

Did you fill in the project ID first (the top box). The error is saying that is null (blank).
Did you enable OAuth for the app from the app code page?

Yes, of course I entered the project ID, and got no complaint when I clicked the little floppy disk. When entering the json, the error resulted.

Yes, the Oauth is enabled on the app code page for the app

Here is line 224 of the app code

It is trying to test the credentials.json string , just above this it tests for valid JSON, which must have passed. This test is checking for the needed info, which apparently creds.web is blank / null.

Does your json string start off like this?

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That's interesting! Mine starts:


Problem resolved - had to delete the Google side of things and start over from the start. Google handed me a mish-mash of gobbledygook for a .json file, and the only way to get a valid one was delete that one, and make another. It seems fine now,