Nest Thermostat Integration - Ready for newbies?

I'm a recent Wink convert and learning my way around HE. I've discovered the Hubitat package manager and through HPM found that there is a recent app to allow access to Google Nest devices - Google SDM API - Nest Integration.
I'd like my HE to have some Nest features for my 3 thermostats, but after adding the app through the package manager and reading through some of the discussions here in the community, I'm wondering if this is over my head.
Right off the bat after installation, I need to provide input for "Google Device Access - Project ID" and "Google credentials.json"
I can follow documentation if there are step-by-step guides, but without that, I'm lost.
Is this still part of the world of the guys that know the magic of scripting and code? Or is there hope for non code-monkeys like me?
Any help is greatly appreciated,

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Iā€™d say the Hubitat side is pretty straightforward but Google has made it confusing on their side.

The above linked thread has a good tutorial and is active with help.

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This worked for me, but it was probably the most complex thing I've ever setup for home automation. It didn't help that I didn't follow directions (missed a step somewhere along the line).

The README file outlines the steps to setup, with links to Google documentation. Note that this requires that you have migrated your Nest devices to a Google account, and registered for the Device Access program (a one-time $5 fee to Google). If you run into trouble, reply to the main thread (linked above) and I'll try to help narrow down the problem.

I am having issues pasting the json I paste it and it creates an error

Can you share the error and any logs generated around the same time, to troubleshoot?

Not sure what Techie85 is getting, but I'm getting: app:13552021-05-25 01:49:50.347 pm errorgroovy.json.internal.Exceptions$JsonInternalException: unexpected character c on line 168 (mainPage)

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Would you mind sending me a DM with the JSON you are pasting? Seems like the code is unable to parse it...

This integration is very detail oriented. I have my Nest thermostat controlled from Hubitat and the complexity is mostly on the Google side. I can try and help others, but as pointed out, there are a lot of trivial details that have to align to make this work

Were you able to resolve the error? I'm getting a similar error: groovy.json.internal.Exceptions$JsonInternalException: unexpected character k on line 191 (mainPage)

Double-check that your credentials file is valid JSON. If you're not sure, you can DM me the contents and I would be happy to double-check it.

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Just circling back with an answer for any who may come later - in DMs we identified that the full JSON file had not been pasted in the input field (only a part), which led to this error

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Download the Hubitat app