Nest Thermostat - Convert to Google Account or not?

Hello, new-ish user here coming from Wink and still figuring everything out. I’ve migrated, just about everything from Wink now, with a few exceptions that either aren’t supported or require some changes.

For this specifically, I recall a huge red warning from Wink years ago advising NOT to convert my Nest account (Works with Nest) to Google (Works with Google) as it will break the integration since there were no plans to change Wink control to WWG.

I’ve seen a few packages in the community here that require moving to Google [from Nest] and just found the My Next Manager option from @yracine66, which requires payment to download, but appears to work whether or not it’s a Nest account or Google account, but wanted to poll the community here.

I know there are other thermostats available and they probably integrate more easily with Hubitat, but let’s just say my wife doesn’t want to get a new one (yet).

My only Nest/Google devices currently are Nest Thermostat v3, 4 Nest Sensors which I’m using with the (feature-lacking) sensor schedule in Nest, and two Nest Protects.

Has anyone experienced negative or positive issues staying with Nest or migrating to Google?

In order to use the new nest api beta you need to configure the api. Read through this thread in order to use it. (Personally I don't like them. Why rely on a cloud based device when you can do so much more with a local device including fine tuning like Nest. I use a Honeywell T6 pro z-wave and its so much better...

I've had a (gifted) Nest thermostat for several years and eventually migrated it to my Google account so I could get it to work with Hubitat. Once I got it set up, it worked fine but there were more than a few hoops to jump through to get it connected. I don't have any partiality to the Nest device itself or to Google, but I did it mainly so I didn't have to buy a new thermostat and let the Nest sit around like an old hockey puck.

I wouldn't recommend a Nest for someone buying new, but if you either don't want to spend the money to replace it and/or don't mind a little backend lifting to get it hooked up, it works fine. Zero issues once I got it set up, but that set up was a bit of a pain.

Also, to rlightbow1's point, it's cloud-based which isn't great. I've seen no down-time from Google's end, and any additional minor lag isn't really relevant given how your HVAC system works anyway. But it's still a potential issue if your ISP goes down or something.

Nice part is if you're at home, all you need is your wi-fi network up and running to access your hub and the thermostat. You can lose your external internet connection, but you won't lose connectivity to your Z-Wave/Zigbee thermostat.

Admittedly internet service outages have been few and far between for me, but when they do occur, the fact that the vast majority of our home automations keep humming has surprised and pleased my wife.


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