Nest integration

Is there a way to integrate my nest thermostat into Hubitat? Currently I use nest Manager in ST to control it with remote sensors ans well as tied into the mode of the house.


At launch we will not ship with Nest integration, however we have plans to integrate. Our launch focus is on connecting local devices and integrations first.

Personally, I have a nest thermostat, and can’t wait for an integration.

Thanks for the feedback, and welcome to the Hubitat Community!


How’s the roadmap on this coming along?

There are a few back end things we are working on to make sure we have a solid integration aka, no polling that have to get done. Once those are complete it should be ready to go. So, soon… :slight_smile:

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Really looking forward to this…

I know in the past people were saying there was no way to get motion and lux from the nest protect. Is that still the case? Are there plans to integrate with the protect as well?

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I don’t have those answers. But I’ve put in a request to the dev doing the integration to find out. Will update when I find out more.

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Based on the Nest API documentation I don’t think they expose motion and lux. Based on the developer API reference guide found here Nest Developers and documentation here Smoke+CO Alarm  |  Nest Developers

You can see below there is no motion or lux exposed for the Nest Protects.

“smoke_co_alarms”: {
“RTMTKxsQTCxzVcsySOHPxKoF4OyCifrs”: {
“device_id”: “RTMTKxsQTCxzVcsySOHPxKoF4OyCifrs”,
“locale”: “en-US”,
“software_version”: “1.01”,
“structure_id”: “VqFabWH21nwVyd4RWgJgNb292wa7hG_dUwo2i2SG7j3-BOLY0BA4sw”,
“name”: “Hallway (upstairs)”,
“name_long”: “Hallway Protect (upstairs)”,
“last_connection”: “2016-10-31T23:59:59.000Z”,
“is_online”: true,
“battery_health”: “ok”,
“co_alarm_state”: “ok”,
“smoke_alarm_state”: “ok”,
“is_manual_test_active”: true,
“last_manual_test_time”: “2016-10-31T23:59:59.000Z”,
“ui_color_state”: “gray”,
“where_id”: “UNCBGUnN24…”,
“where_name”: “Hallway”

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I wrote a very basic Nest app and thermostat device handler this weekend. It’s not NST Manager, but it at least lets Hubitat see the state of the Nest and adjust temperature setpoints.


Tried this, but got all the way to entering PIN and app returned “failed to authorize” any idea what might cause this?


“There was a problem authorizing your Nest”

A mistyped PIN or client secret could be the issue. Ensure the PIN is entered with the displayed casing (all caps) and no spaces.

Open the log and try authorizing again and see what messages the hub displays.

Same problem, log just shows “Finishing Login” doesn’t show any errors. Just a thought, I have “two factor authentication” enabled, I wouldn’t think that would prevent the API from working but could this be an issue?


EDIT: Nope disabled two-factor authentication, didn’t change anything

Hmm…well, let me try re-authenticating.

Just to make sure, did you install the Nest driver, as well?

Edit: Actually, that’s not related to the error you’re seeing.

Ah, I see what happened. I’ll have a fix out shortly.

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Pull down the latest app and give it a try.

I had done a bit of code “cleanup” after logging in that broke the login process.

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Make sure you obtain a new PIN after a failed login attempt. A PIN can only be used for one attempt, but I haven’t figured out how to clear a setting input yet, so the previously used PIN sticks around.

Just to make sure, your client secret looks something like this? aBCdef1ghiJklMNOP2Qr34s5t (mixed case, no spaces, 25 characters)

Sorry, but stupid question… After I authorize the APP and it is installed, do I add a virtual NEST or do I do a discover devices?

After you install and authorize the app, it will query Nest for any available thermostats. These should show up in the “Select which thermostats” field on the main page of the app. Pick which thermostats you want to setup, and it will create a virtual device for each one.

Note that you must have installed my Nest driver for the device creation to work.