Nest Integration wont authorize

I keep trying to integrate nest through add app. Get logged in and then i click alow it quickly refreshes and throws generic error

Tried on multiple devices. What to do what to do

Nest is capped currently until they decide to approve this integration with Hubitat.

That sucks. Hopefully it wont take long

I am stuck here too. The main Nest Integration thread has mentions about this issue even as recent as the last day or two.

This is very frustrating. Many of us are capable of generating our own access tokens as has been mentioned on the main Nest thread. What can we do to advance this matter? Can we get some official word on resolution? I also would add that the errors as reported by the web GUI are poor at best. I simply get a browser window bump and a very generic "error banner."

I'm in the same boat came here to post about it... Damn I was hoping this would be an easy setup since its on hubitats native apps list!

I was able to achieve some limited amount of Nest functionality using the custom app Nest Integration by @jason0x43 as I had a previous developer ID with Nest available to re-allocate. I got lucky at least this time around! I will not stick with this as a permanent solution but at least I am able to test/evaluate.

I am having this issue with Hubitat.

I am also experiencing a similar issue

My two Centralite Pearls came in today - so putting my nest on Ebay ..

Yep me too - I asked in the previous thread if they could somehow allow those of us with Nest developer credentials/tokens that we had previously set up to use with the NST-Manager stuff in ST access to the app. Have not heard a peep about it which is disappointing - they are usually more responsive than that.

Still I am holding out hope that we will see something in the future. That and a lock manager are the last things keeping me from completing my migration.

They really should remove the App or put a giant disclaimer on the apps page - people are getting needlessly frustrated by this.

I agree with removing the statement. I purchased this Hubitat based on the information that it would integrate with NEST. I previously dismissed other hubs because they don't integrate.
This has been VERY FRUSTRATING and disappointing

The nest integration is done they are just waiting on final approval from google. I didnt drop nest because of integration approval. More because i figured i didnt need to compete for automatiin w nest but could have more control with sometging else. Ie centralite pearl

Those Pearls look great. Sadly I've already purchased the CT101 thermostat (Ed Note: I accidentally posted this as IRIS for some reason so have now changed it) which is okay but kinda large. Currently using it for our den in-floor heating. Forgoing sunk cost I may just grab a Pearl for our upstairs.

I don't necessarily mind having a separate system as long as I can get to it from the HE - it seems like a more "layered" approach to automation - one system fails the other keeps going. But the downside is data collection and lack of local control - the very reason for going with the HE.

The intelligence of these smart thermostats is a definite plus though - We don't really have to think about setting the temps or anything - it just works.

Would be nice to be able to use the Nest as an additional motion sensor.

well this sucks. i just got my hubitat today and ran into this. I also dont like that I can integrate ring. oh well another item to return. guess ill stick with wink and home assistant. knew it was too good to be true

You should try to ask before posting this, there are workarounds for both, Nest and Ring. Good luck with wink and home assistant, I used both.


You are right. Frustration. I actually got nest working, I need to add the auth url, I had already had codes.

Ring you say?

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Yes, there is 2 ways for Ring, using our IFTTT integration or using our Alexa integration and Rule Machine.

I'm glad you got Nest working, please open a new thread for Ring, so anyone looking for your same info should find it.

All I could find about ring besides ifttt is by setting up a virtual switch and setuo a routine with Alexa.

How does rule machine integrate ring?