Nest integration for newbie

I just set up a new C8 hub today. I am still very new at this.

As of November 2023, what is the best way to integrate one Nest 3rd generation thermostat plus three Nest room temperature sensors, with Hubitat? Step-by-step please. I don't know anything about installing or using drivers or apps (yet).

I am looking for the most functionality for the few core Nest products that I have (thermostat + sensors only, nothing else), with minimum hassle. Specifically I want to be able to monitor the thermostat and sensor data (heater or AC on/off, temperature, humidity), use changes in the data to trigger rules/events, and control Nest so that rules/events can cause the Nest-controlled heater or AC to turn on/off.

Welcome, the hub documentation is always a good place to start to learn about the hub’s basic functions.

There are articles that explain how to install custom code for drivers and apps (and many others :slightly_smiling_face:).

I have the same setup, Nest 3rd Gen with two sensor pucks.
I don't think any HE integration supports the sensors, I wish there was a way to bring them into HE, possibly with Node-Red but I have not gone down that path yet.

This is the integration to use, the setup of it is a little daunting but the author has good docs (on GitHub) so if you can follow instructions it is not that bad.

I mostly use it just to track and see the thermostat in HE. Since the Nest is mostly a self contained smart system on its own, I let it do its thing using the schedule we put on it with manual adjustments as needed for comfort.

Okay, thank you (and all for the responses).

I also manage a Samsung SmartThings in a different home, so I tried adding the SmartThings official integration with Google Nest for the thermostat, I can confirm as of today that only the thermostat is shown in SmartThings when added; the sensors are not shown and there is no obvious way to get those devices. So the lack of sensor visibility in Hubitat is disappointing, but no longer surprising to me.

Well that puts a serious damper on Nest + Hubitat for me, since a major reason was I wanted to get temperature data and control devices on a room-by-room basis according to the temperature.

Although this thread is "Nest integration"...if I chuck Nest but keep Hubitat, what are recommended thermostats where you can get all of the features of the thermostat into Hubitat? I read the community posts here and it seems that ecobee works (notably, ecobee also integrates nicely with SmartThings, including the room sensors), and a lot of people around here use the Honeywell T6 Pro Z-Wave.

If I end up keeping the Nest thermostat, do I need to get temperature sensors for each room? I have Zigbee devices so I am leaning to the SONOFF SNZB-02P temperature and humidity sensor simply because "SONOFF" is listed as a built-in recognized component in Hubitat.

I wasn't able to find a way to use the Nest sensors in HE. But I was able to replicate the exact same functionality using a couple ZigBee temp/humidity sensors and Rule Machine.

The Nest SDM integration isn't easy to get set up, but the step-by-step documentation is very thorough and I had no issues getting it running on HE. Once it is set up though, the integration is very good. Rule Machine gives so much flexibility with automations. Just be careful cause the Nest Learning stuff can override your automations as all Nest-native scheduling will take priority.

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Thats why I just let the Nest do its thing. I had the nest stat long before HE and if I really want to control it that much from HE I would get a different stat.

I think pretty much if you keep the Nest OR if you replace it, either way you will need temp sensors for each room if that is your need to create rules for the stat. Not sure if the Ecobee sensors can integrate back to HE but if you plan to control everything from HE I would not bother with them and just get separate sensors. The only value of having sensors linked to the stat directly is if you WANT to use the stats own software to control it using those sensors.


I generally do the same. I have a few auto automations but they mostly respect Nest's built in scheduling. For example, here in AZ we don't use the heater much, so I have one automation that automatically switches from cool to auto the first time the thermostat reads below 67 in the house, and sets the heat point to 68. From that point, it will remain in Auto letting Nest do it's thing, until the spring when another rule puts it back into cool-only mode again.