Neeo remote


Has anyone got any sort of integration working with the neeo remote ?



I found this from your past!

yeah, it did take them 2.5 years to deliver, I only received my kickstarter last September

Wow!! I did not notice the date. It is good? Or what do you think?

they are good, yeah, light years
Our marketing folks chatted them up at CETA, they are interested in doing an integration with us, they have a very robust JSON local API, which I started dinking with when I got them.


AFAIK there are only two integrations for this, one in OpenHAB and one in HomeAssistant. I’ve not seen a stand-alone hardware hub with support so this would be interesting.

I have a couple of these , they’re very sexy although the ongoing firmware releases are slow in appearing.

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Mine is waiting for me at the delivery office !

Is there some way to operate Hubitat switch’s froma a simple http get ? I saw some examples in there sdk on how a virtual button on the remote could call a url. Is this possible in Hubitat ?

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Yes please!!

It's a fairly simple matter to have the neeo forward any actions, in the brain settings, select forward, then enter your hub ip and port 39501.
Then build yourself a device with a parse method, and the neeo mac address as the dni, anything the neeo does will be sent to the parse method.

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Interesting ! Thanks! I’ll give it a go tonight. Any skeleton code you have that you could share by any chance?

Many thanks

Never heard of Neeo before...might it be a decent replacement for the Harmony hub? I looked at their web page but the technical details are sketchy.

We have an off-brand 8x8 HDMI matrix that my husband was able to program into the Harmony, we would have to be able to do that with the Neeo before it would be something we could consider.

Also wondering how well they handle usage of more than one hub.

This certainly would be welcome in my home, Would be great to be able to use with the new scenes feature as well as some quick information.

So mine arrived yesterday and I got the basic remote up and running.

The hardware and physical design is a huge improvement on the harmony remote, it looks and feels like a high end premium piece of equipment, the display is great.

Very early perception: Everything “looks” more polished but it’s not glitch free, software in some ways feels like a “beta” product. Odd screen glitches for example (known issue in latest firmware). Sonos integrarion worked well, nice seeing the album art but become unresponsive a couple of times.

SDK looks interesting...


The lack of physical play/pause/ff/rw/skip buttons would drive me crazy. I much prefer physical buttons that my muscle memory can easily find in the dark. For now, I am very happy with my Harmony Elite + Hub.

I am glad to see a true competitor to Logitech in this space. Options are good!

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Any more comments/experiences on this? I love the looks, and am thinking of getting one. Getting pretty tired of Logitech/Harmony's crap.

The only other negitave i can mention is the following.
The function of a given hard button is specifically assigned by the device that's part of the active routine.
Currently it is not possible to re map and or reassign these to different functions within the same device or any other device function for that matter.
It hasn't been a show stopper for me, but it is something to be aware of.

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The more I read through their community forum, the less interested I am.

Seems to be a lot of legitimate issues with it right now.

For instance, not being able to access device specific commands ad hoc (like if a firmware update pops up on TV, and only the TV direction buttons and OK can clear it - which are not in the normal routing/config) would be a problem for me.

I think I'll keep waiting on the sideline on this one.

Has this progressed in terms of Hubitat integration?

Does it work locally or just cloud?

With the change in the local API with Logitech, I can still return my Harmony elite to amazon as I haven’t unboxed yet due to work commitments.

Would people recommend the switch?

Can’t see it does Google assistant yet. Are you thinking Would this eventually be a replacement/competitor for a smart hub as looks like it could have similar functionality?

I miss some hardbuttons on Neeo too. It's just not convenient to grab and press.

A brief respite for Harmony users maybe as there is already a workaround for the Harmony port block using another websocket port. Needs a plugin update though. Home Assistant has just released version 0.84.4 that has implemented this - expect other HA apps to follow.

This doesn't mean that Logitech won't block this too in a later update....

This remote is all local, that's the only reason I put up with a two year delay on kick starter delivery...
As far as HE integration goes, it's a personal pet project that doesn't get the attention it needs, mostly because I'm the only guy that has these remotes, so I can't justify Hubitat engineering time on it.
This remote does issue unsolicited events for button presses and activity changes, so as far as a lan device goes, it ticks my "must not require polling" box...