Needs revisiting - Alexa - Error making call to gateway

This topic started September 20th 2020 (Alexa - Error making call to gateway) and still has not been addressed. I to have just started receiving this error in my logs, but for me just started after migrating my C5 hub to C7.

The error log shows:image image

I don't believe it has anything to do with the migration because others have reported this previously many months before, but it does seem to be an ongoing issue that I hope can be resolved. I'm presently using version
@bcopeland would you have any ideas? You've helped out in other areas in the past

What is app 68?

App68 points to Amazon Echo skill

I did a manual migration from my C-5 to my C-7 (did not use Hub Protect Service, which took forever to arrive). Just loaded the C-5 backup onto the C-7, used Bruce Ravenel’s manual migration procedure. I never saw this with my Amazon Echo skill.

Have you tried deleting the Amazon Echo skill and adding it back? Yes, that would mess up the Alexa routines on the Alexa end.

Still reeling from the migration lolo. Yes the Zwave items and all the rules etc migrated flawlessly but with 22 Zigbee devices it took forever to re-pair because they were all over the house including ceiling. So I think I'll give myself a few days to recooperate before deleting and reinstalling Amazon Echo app, but thanks for your suggestion.