Need some Wyze words of advice

Gotcha, I thought you just didn't like the idea of having to do it through a profile rather than a task.

Since it is essentially setting up your phone as a server, my guess the reason would be 2 fold...battery and security. Why have the wifi service running when you aren't on wifi.

I dunno, it seems every time I try to use tasker it just makes everything too complicated. It can do everything but because of that, nothing is easy.

Pretty awesome new person detection feature in Wyze beta. Very accurate so far.


Wyze is really kicking butt IMO. It is a shame that these new features wont be included with the RTSP firmware. Hopefully their next gen camera can put it all together for us...


Agreed. I do believe that's where they're headed. They seem to be alluding to that in their AMAs and posts.

I'd love to see a new version that could recognize individuals right on the camera, so we wouldn't need cloud processing.

My son’s working on a little thing that uses the WyzeCam RTSP feed to identify people, vehicles, and other items users would like to be notified about.

It’s taking the live feed and making a recording while watching for motion. Once motion happens there’s a bit of AI that takes place to identify what’s in the video.

When done on a computer and not a phone app you can get all sorts of utility like searching and archiving of video. He’s shooting for some sort of security system that can use any camera that’s open to RTSP.


Wow! That's awesome. If he hasn't added such a feature, suggest to him a way to let users train the AI. Wyze is asking for voluntary uploads of non-personally identifiable information videos the AI flagged as a person.

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But they are great at listening to customers,

Haha, that's funny on several levels when you look at all the traffic they are sending over the network to China and other places.

Who are you talking about? Wyze uses Amazon servers.

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And they also were sending data to China at one point. Not sure if they still do from the camera. But even if they don't, they could just be relaying it from AWS to wherever.

There's a lot of cheap Chinese home automation and surveillance stuff on amazon. Some of it is so cheap that it makes me (and others) think that their profit is not from selling the devices, but from the data those devices collect. Look at those cheap smartplugs, by themselves they are relatively innocuous, but look at the permissions that the app requires on your phone to work... Shady.

I work with a team of people who reverse engineer stuff like this, and there's definitely shady stuff going on with some of it. Most of their work is ICS and SCADA type stuff... But they get bored in their spare time and start looking at stuff in their homes. Another HUGE offender, kid's games for Android and iOS. We have specific devices that are only used for games, never on devices that contain personal data. Almost all of my security alerts on my home network are these game-designated devices sending data out of the country to known malicious IP addresses gathered from threat intelligence feeds. People worry about Alexa and Google Home... The apps on your phone that have mic access are a way bigger threat. And the companies that gather that data will approach developers of store apps and offer them a payment of a few thousand bucks to just insert a couple of lines of code... That loads libraries that pilfer your data and spy on you. If I ever install a sketchy app on my phone, I put it in a container using Island.

We are all being spied on way more than we know, and it's not necessarily amazon and Google doing it.

Ooh wyze got person detection. Someone really needs to crack these things.

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Just spotted that too. Makes them very interesting for the price!

It really works well. Hoping they will add a person detection trigger for IFTTT when it's released.

It was released yesterday and so far the person detection works pretty good. Person detection did trigger four times on geese today, so I've sent that video to Wyze.

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:rofl: Goose detection. Nice!

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Anyone know a way to control Wyze Cam Pan motor from HE? I just installed a Pan on my back deck. It's under the eave (sort of). The eaves are on the second floor, but the camera is just on the top corner of my back door on the first floor. It's pretty exposed, but people swear that with the silicon sleeves, it's enough to keep them going.

I get sideways rain, freezing rain and snow blowing against that exposed side of the house. So even though it wouldn't be the end of days if it didn't survive, I thought I would give it a fighting chance by turning the lens inward when there's rain or snow in combination with the wind, strong from that direction. But I would love if I could simply create rules from my weather station data, and when conditions are more likely to damage the camera, it could automatically turn the lens in toward the door frame.

Is it possible to move a Wyze Cam Pan without a firmware change? I don't care about the video being good, or not good. I'm pretty OK with just using the Wyze app for video, as it seems most other solutions cannot show HD video. So I just want to control the pan motor via HE somehow. I'm open to HomeKit control if that's a way to do it. I don't mind HomeKit automations, since I already use quite a number of them.

Here's the Wyze Cam Pan normal position at my back door

Here's the pan position I'm thinking might help it last longer when bad weather blasts my back door.

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Not that I’m aware of but I’m looking for that feature too. You can send it to a single preset but then there’s no way to get it back. :frowning:

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How is that done? From an aspect of protection from harsh conditions, that’s better than nothing.

The idea is to use Pan Scan with 1 waypoint aimed at the wall. Set up motion detection zone for the normal position. Then when you turn on Pan Scan, it will lock on the wall. When you turn off Pan Scan, it SHOULD return to the normal position.

Never really worked for me so I’m still hoping the API gets presets added.

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Nice. So if Pan Scan changes every 10 seconds, then I just need to turn it on then off again after 11 or so, when the camera has not switched to the other position. Cool.

Using IFTTT?