I recently purchased some of these inexpensive zigbee motion sensors. Hubitat recognized them and paired easily. I have them set up as generic type motion sensor.

For some reason the motion sensor is not registering motion with hubitat. It does not show last activity. Is there another custom driverI need to use?

Hub has been updated and everything else is fine except for this hiccup. Thank you

Please post the device model and manufacturer- this can be found at the bottom of the web page, “Device Details “ - Data section.

I suppose you have this device :
Amazon link

image :slight_smile:

This is 99% sure a Tuya rebranded device, so you can try this driver : [RELEASE] Tuya Zigbee Multi-Sensor 4 In 1 (PIR motion sensors and mmWave presence radars) w/ healthStatus

After installing the driver (the recommended method is via HPM) , pair the sensor once again, very close to the hub.

Yes! That is the exact one. I will do this and get back to you. Thank you.

Actually, the 4 In 1 driver may be overkill for this simple motion sensor…

The HE inbuilt Generic Zigbee Motion Driver (no temp) should be working with this device.

First, change the device driver manually to the inbuilt driver .

Secondly - obligatory pair the motion sensor again to your hub.

Worked perfectly with the 4 in one driver. I don't want to touch it unless it stops working. ThAnks for your help!!

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