Need help troubleshooting z-wave intermittent non responsiveness

Hi everyone,

I've had my C7 for a while, and it runs mostly rock solid.
However, lately, about once per week, I have an issue with some z-wave devices:
The problematic devices are Fibaro Smart Implant and Fibaro Switches. They stop responding to commands, I try refreshing and configuring but nothing happens. With the fibaro switch, sometimes it responds, but then it stops responding again after a few seconds.
Doing a z-wave repair for those devices completes successfully, but they still don't respond afterwards.
What's ironic is that I also have one non-plus z wave fibaro switch in the same location, and that one responds fine.
By the way, I have no ghost devices.
For troubleshooting, I also try rebooting the hub from the GUI, but after the reboot the devices still don't respond.
The only thing that fixes it is to shutdown the hub, wait a few seconds, then plug it in again.

Looking at the Location Events in the logs, this is relevant:
zwaveCrashed Z-Wave is unresponsive zwaveCrashed SYSTEM 11/10/2023 04:30:00.151

I'm looking for help to ideally identify the cause of the problem, but, if not, to at least find a way of reproducing the shutdown and turn on again without having to physically turn off the power to the hub.

Thank you!

There have been a couple of cases with sensor devices for some reason crashing the zwave on the hub. If you have any sensors turn on logging if not on already and then around the time the zwave crashes check the logs to see if there is a pattern of a certain device reporting in right before the crash.

Also see this post: πŸ›ŽοΈREAD FIRST - Before Posting in Get Help

That's quite interesting. The problem in my case is that this only happens about once per week.
I've read your READ FIRST post, but to be honest I don't see much of a point of posting my z-wave details list. Everything is showing as OK, there are no ghosts.
Also, I have only one z-wave sensor, which is a Aeotec Multisensor 6, which reports about once per hour. It didn't report anything close to the time z-wave crashed, so I don't think that's the culprit.

Try doing a backup and restore to clean the database up, probably wont help with zwave but worth trying.

Also, there is more to look at on the zwave details than just ghost devices. I am not overly concerned with ghosts unless there is a massive number. There is other stats on there which populate over time that tells me a lot, so it is best to see it after 12-24hr+ so some of the stats can accumulate.

I still don't even know what hub firmware you have, you did not answer any of the questions asked in my pinned post.

What version is the zwave firmware as well? (Do you have an update firmware button on the zwave details page)? Z-Wave Firmware Update - where is it?

No worries.
I'm on firmware, and zwave has already been updated months ago, so I don't have the update firmware button.
Here is the z-wave page:

When was last reboot?
What is the names or node numbers of the problem devices?
Is it ALL the fibaro implants or switches or just specific ones?

I see some devices with low neighbor counts and a couple of route changes, I would guess those are your problem devices. They are having a hard time finding a good route.

What are the house walls constructed of (studs and drywall, lathe and plaster, concrete, etc...)?
What type of electrical boxes are in the house, metal or plastic?

Driveway Gate smart implant is the one I noticed wasn't working because it's the one that runs at 6am.
Driveway Gate Remote is the non plus device that still works.
I also tested Fountain Switch and it is the one that was working intermittently.
Landing Chandelier also wasn't reporting properly after the crash.

I believe that every z wave device was unreliable at that point, I just didn't get to test them all.

The last reboot was at 8 am, so about 6 hour before that screenshot.


It's drywall, and indeed some of the devices don't respond that well because they are in metal boxes, but it's just a few.
The question is why would this cause my z wave radio to crash in the middle of the night?

Are you certain that these issues are always preceded by a zwave crash?

Yes. Everything responds well, and then every once in a while everything starts responding badly.
Today was the first time I actually investigated the logs and found the z wave crash, the other times I just restarted the hub physically without checking.