Z-Wave Firmware Update - where is it?

With the latest platform update, I remember reading that I also had to manually start a Z-wave firmware update. However when I go into Settings and Z-Wave in Hubitat, I don't find this option. Can anyone guide me as to what exactly I am supposed to do?

You have a C5 or C7? If it's a C7 then its in settings, zwave details:

If it's a C5 the firmware update doesn't apply.


I take it C5 and C7 are two different types of the Hubitat device?

It looks like I have a C5 then...

Thread resurrection for a related question - does this mean with a C5, there is no capability for firmware updates? I have a C5 and would like to update a few Inovelli Black Z-Wave switches. Thanks!

Just the zwave radio not the devices

You would have to use the community app(s) below. Please read the thread thoroughly before attempting any firmware update. There are actually two different updaters depending upon the flash file type.

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I like sending people here better, has a guide and a link to a slightly more updated version of binary updater (which works for any file types). Much less confusing!


Thank you very much!! Using the guide I successfully upgraded a handful of Inovelli Black Z-Wave switches!

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