Need help selecting hardware

I have a shop light connebted to a smart outlet. I would li, e to add a battry-powered wall switch or button that will send a signal to the hubitat and use that signal to turn the outlet on and off.

Any suggestions for a switch (something like a casseta 5 button) but simpler?

Zooz Zen34 should be a good fit for that.


If you want it to look and work like a normal smart light switch, with up and down taps, the Zooz ZEN34 would work good Zooz 800 Series Z-Wave Long Range Remote Switch ZEN34 800LR (Battery P - The Smartest House.

If you want 5 buttons like a scene controller there is a new ZEN37 that I have a custom driver built for HE support: [DRIVER] Zooz ZEN37 Wall Remote

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Thank you, it looks good

Anything comparable for zigbee?

Mostly I have only seen Zigbee buttons, not designed like switches. But you could use a single button to toggle the light on and off, or get a multi-button remote.




Always search around on the compatibility list or forums for random zigbee devices, not all have drivers that work for them and some of these sketchy Zigbee devices use non-standard clusters which need custom drivers.

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Thanks, a button is all I need. It's just a shop light with a pull-cord in an inaccessible location

The Third Reality one I linked to should have good support, that company works with HE to get devices supported and firmware updates pushed. Sometimes their firmware is a little quirky but they keep at it and keep pushing out updates to fix issues. Sonoff typically works good using generic drivers, not all Sonoff devices are great though. I know there are all sorts of other Zigbee buttons as well.

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Thanks for the additional info