Need help mapping hubitat zigbee network with deCONZ and Conbee II

I recently purchased a Conbee 2 (Conbee II) with the hope of mapping my existing hubitat zigbee network using the deCONZ software.

Unfortunately there isn't very much documentation available around how to do this. Through trial and error I've managed to:

  1. Get my conbee 2 to connect to my zigbee network as a "router" (instead of a coordinator).
  2. Add my conbee 2 as a device in hubitat. (I'm able to see activity from my conbee 2 in the hubitat zigbee logs

So based on the above, I assume the connection is successful.

The problem is, all I can see in deCONZ is the conbee 2 device, and none of the other devices on the network, not even the hubitat device. I was really hoping to generate a map of all my devices in deCONZ.

Has anyone been able to successfully map out their zigbee network using conbee 2 and deCONZ? Have I set something up wrong?


I don't think this will work, deCONZ (the software) is designed to be coordinator software, not a general purpose mapping utility. deCONZ will map its own network if it's set up as a coordinator.

The conbee II can be used as a router (but not really sure why you'd want to) or a zigbee sniffer using ZShark which is their addon for Wireshark. I don't believe I've ever seen it used as something that can map a zigbee network in isolation though.

You'd probably be better off using an XCTU with an Xbee - Everything Xbee

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It works for me. I'm running the software in a docker container on Linux. I think I joined it the same way. It does take time for the map to populate. Mine is running on a headless server so I left it for a while and the map populated. You can actually send commands and upgrade firmware of devices on the hubitat network.

I'll have to check the settings maybe there is a setting to map the network.

I think @Royski managed to map his network with a ConBee

Sadly not mate, this was only while using it as the coordinator in deCONZ, I shifted all my devices over there whilst I was having horrible Zigbee issues on HE.

Now all back on HE with 3 Xbee3s.


Thank you all for your replies.

I wonder if it'll make a difference if I ran it on Linux rather than Windows. Can't imagine it would, but maybe worth a try.

Thanks @oscopeaaron, I'd really appreciate it if you could share when you get a chance.

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Didn't find anything. It does take time to map. I have only been running it for about 5 minutes and not all the routes are discovered. The nodes are left over from last time.

The manual for deconz says something about having the two items in the CRE button checked to discover everything about devices. It also mentions that the process can take a while.

Take a look at section 5.