Need help automating my thermostat

So im still new to this and i need some help. I have a Honeywell thermostat and several different devices that monitor temperature. what i would like to do is have my thermostat monitor one of the other thermometers in my bedroom and maintain temperature based on that sensor when i run my goodnight routine before going to bed. If someone could help me out i would greatly appreciate it. sorry if this is posted in the incorrect area.

This APP might be able to do what you want. It

This Advanced Thermostat APP might be able to do what you want. It is actually designed to use an on off switch controlling heat but it likely can work with a thermostat as well.

Having said that you must consider the reaction time of the sensors and how often they report temperature. A battery operated device that only reports every 10 - 15 minutes will not be able to control the temperature very well.

That seems like a feature that the thermostat would need to support. I know that Ecobee makes a big deal of its ability to utilize temperature sensors in other rooms. I don't know whether Honeywell thermostats support that.

As JohnRob said, you can create a virtual thermostat with your bedroom temperature sensor pretty easily. The challenge is to get your HVAC to use that virtual thermostat at night. I am not aware of any physical thermostats that will allow Hubitat to directly command heating or cooling. You can fool a physical thermostat into commanding heating and cooling by manipulating the setpoints.

My HVAC App would enable what you are looking for, but it would require you to put a device like a Zooz ZEN16 or ZEN17 between your existing thermostat and your HVAC equipment. If you would like to do that, send me a PM and I will guide you through the process. The system can be set up in such a way that, if Hubitat or communication with devices fails, the system reverts to working as a single thermostat system.

I have an ecobee with the remote temperature sensor for my "needs to measure temp in a different room". It works pretty well and the remote sensor is wireless.

I also have a Honeywell T6 Pro. It will accept a remote temperature sensor but it must be wired.

Although I don't like the cloud portion of the ecobee, the remote works pretty well.

Have a look at the built-in Thermostat Controller app. It allows you to use one or more temperature sensors to manipulate a physical thermostat by creating a virtual one set to the temperature you desire and adjusting the physical thermostat setpoints to control the HVAC system.

That sounds like exactly what I’m looking for and I have glanced at that previously. I’m not sure how to go about setting it up.

Actually I can’t open the app anymore it says Error: Cannot invoke method capitalize() on null object

You might have left one of the fields blank and saved it., You should probably delete the app and start over. Here is some documentation on how it works:

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Thanks. And there is a doc for this now as well.

Thermostat Controller

when i try to add the thermostat controller app it first ask me which thermostat id like to use. i select my thermostat and click update and immediately get that error and am offered no further setup options, however even though it seems the install fails thermostat controller still shows up in my apps tab. though i get the same error if i try to click it from there also.

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I am having the same problem.

I'm doing exactly what you're planning to do except I'm using an ecobee with remote sensors and Hubitat to control airflow.

Depending on your thermostat settings and ductwork, you may notice some areas of your house are "overconditioned" at night. I know most of my house would be at least 5 degrees warmer (during heating season) if I tried to keep the bedroom at setpoint without controlling airflow to some degree. That's the part that ecobee leaves off their sales pitch. If you're trying to fix an airflow problem with remote temperature sensors it will likely increase your energy bills not decrease them.

Of course if your main concern is comfort and the energy cost impact is acceptable, then you may not need to worry too much about airflow.

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