Need a small zwave extender that actually works

i have a aeotec 7 extender in an outdoor clear plastic outlet box.. it never works the couple of devices out near it.. use switches in the house to relay through at lower than the optimal speeds..

does anyone have a recommendation for a small extender that works..

or the only option to replace the outlet with a zwave in wall outlet?

You can try a ring v2 extender...

doesnt fit in an outdoor outlet with cover.. ive tried

plus the one benefit of the aeon is the light on. so i know the damn thing is on.. lol

Change the outdoor outlet to a z-wave receptacle. As long as it is an outdoor housing it will be fine. (I use several outside)

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the problem is i belive the in wall box is metal.. which would be a bitch to tear off siding and replace and the reason i went for a plug in model.. guess i could try thoug.. in is in the wall outside directly behind the hub ie 3-4 feet away

the face plate will be removable (has to be for servicing) inside is a regular 2 dollar outlet. You will probably have to change the face plate to a decora style but those are available for a couple of dollars at home depot with a fresh gasket. Enerwave makes a good z-wave and zigbee receptacles.

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I'm sure this won't help, but I'll say it anyway:

My modem, router and hub are located in a corner on the first floor.
I put the hub on the windowsill (velcro).
It has good communication with three outside battery devices at a pretty good distance.

i already have a plastic face.. now looking for a non metal box.. hard to find

I use stuff similar to this...

Combined with these. Doesn't leak...

Or if you need surface mount

use this with the above cover

ok now find me a gfi zwave plus outlet

You could try a Zooz ZAC38 but with Zwave there are no guarantees. The device will put itself out there as a repeater but that doesn't force anything to use it. Zwave does its own thing. I am guessing you would have the same results.

There is a way you can coerce a device to have a primary route using a USB stick using PC Controller but its not that easy to do.

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No such thing. Simply swap out the breaker on that circuit for a GCFI breaker...Will cover the whole circuit

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What is the thing in your second picture called? I need one for something and don't know the correct term to search for.

It’s a metallic weather box:

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I'm hoping to find a plastic one. I want to remove an outlet from a box in my garage and extend the circuit around the garage just in PVC conduit. I only have a single outlet in my garage. So I ideally will find something that screws directly into the interior junction box that turns it into an exterior junction box that I can just cement the PVC to. It's been a while since I looked but I couldn't find what I needed.

You mean this. I have used several, especially outside to say add an additional outlet using wall outlet and then run conduit under deck.

The blue one? That's called an old work box. The second one is just a pvc outlet box

This ^^^ The general issues that Jeff notes combine to result in people saying "Oh, this is a GREAT repeater!" while others try it and say "Doesn't do anything!!" '

Back when repeaters really mattered to me (pre-C8) I tried the Ring range extender after many said how great it was. It never did anything in my home. I tried in two places and waited weeks and weeks, but nothing touched it. Meanwhile a little known plug (Hank Z-Wave plug) repeated wonderfully for me. :man_shrugging:

"...that works..." w/Z-Wave repeaters has seemed a very location-specific, and not something you can easily generalize across different environments.

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