Need a recommendation for Mini smart plug

Recently I began switching over to Hubitat from Smartthings - truthfully because of the words of Dave Gutierez (sp?).
I have a bathroom ceiling fan, that has a 2 prong outlet in it - the depth is very limited without making modifications. I found a Smart Plug 2 pack Wifi device that runs via Smart Life app and connected it via IFTTT and Alexa but it wouldn't work correctly with Smartthings and virtual plugs. I'm looking for a recommendation for a similar device that Hubitat supports. I saw the info about Smart Life and a modified TPLink package but it's too complex for me. Can anyone recommend something like it that I can get up and running easier?
Here's the link to what I have Smart Plug 2 Pack Wifi Enabled Mini Outlets Smart Socket ( I've just been stopped from posting the link (wtf?) but search on walmart and you'll see a 2 pack for 14.99. )

I want to add that the WIFI wasn't necessary, just was what it came with.

Is the bathroom fan controlled by a wall switch? If not, how is it normally controlled?

Hey Dan - the switch controls a 4 bulb array over the sink AND the fan. it is not separate. so with motion into the bathroom I enable the 4 bulbs but the fan obviously won't go since it's not a part of the hubitat devices yet. If I use alexa, it does not work well - one of the reasons I moved off Samsung/alexa. I love the idea of responsiveness (read: hubitat) and local storage/no cloud. being chained to 1 device (out of my 38 devices) that requires cloud/external connectivity sucks - that's why I was really hoping someone had a suggestion for a different mini plug for this application.

OK, what is your final conceptual design for the 4 lights and the fan? Are you planning on keeping the switch? If so, anytime the power is removed from whatever smart device you use to control the fan, you will cause a negative impact to the corresponding Z-Wave or Zigbee mesh network (by powering off a repeater device.)

So, the only way to achieve independent control over both the FAN and the LIGHTS, is to ensure both receive power 100% of the time. You could then use Smart Bulbs for the lights, and something like an Aeotec Nano Switch (in-wall relay) to control the fan. The problem then becomes the user interface to control both of these manually. Personally, if in the USA, I would recommend using Lutron Pico remotes which are easily wall mounted (could replace your existing manual switch) and blend right in.

Your other option is to have an electrician run a second circuit to the fan, and then use two smart switches to control the lights and fan independently.

thanks. um.. no. I'm not financially comfortable calling an electrician. I have more than enough devices with z/z so thats not a problem. the fan gets power 100% when the wall switch is left alone. I leave power on in the bathroom, and just automate with motion sensor and voice controls. I actually had setup an IFTTT with virtual plug that would ask after you left the bathroom if you wanted the fan to run longer, then alexa would tell a fart joke, then the fan would run 5 mins longer. Sorta fun - of course completely unnecessary.
Since I switched to Hubitat, everything BUT that one mini-plug has come over to the dark side. Thanks to Dave Guetierez and his TPLink work, I've brought all devices over save this one exception!
I can disable the lights via voice and the fan continues to run - which is as expected. I'm just trying to find a mini plug that fits the limited space that is supported by hubitat! granted the wifi mini plug is NOT ideal - but it worked well under the old regime with Samsung/Alexa and the local app bridged into the alexa. Its just it was slow, and had tendencies . Anyone know of a miniplug that works with Hubitat?