[Nearing Release] Sonos Advanced Controller

Ah, super helpful. @daniel.winks, you might want to add to the OP which models SAC supports, assuming @rhodesda is correct. It would certainly explain my problem!

I'm trying to install the Sonos Advanced Controller package, but I'm probably doing something wrong as it's my first HPM installation. I get the following:

Can some please point me in the right direction?

Also getting this error, same as one of the posts above

Hi @daniel.winks
Firstly, thanks for this great app.
It has been working great for me for months with no issues.
I just rebooted my hub today as memory was getting low.
I'm now getting issues.
An error I am seeing is as follows:-
[dev:11390]( 13:33:48.975[error]( Device 11390 generates excessive hub load on line 1824 (method secondaryConfiguration)
Dev 11390 is Co-ordinator in a group of 2 speakers.

Another thing to note is that it looks like the Sonos app has been updated. I'm not sure if that is making a difference.
The app version is - 80.00.05-release+20240510.78d060b

Any thoughts?

EDIT: Seeing this in the logs as well.
[dev:449]( 14:36:27.890[error]( could not fetch device information from source hub on line 4643 (method setVolume)

I've got a weird issue where i'm not able to play tts over sonos all of a sudden, ip of sonos is correct anyone else had or know how to fix this? oddly controlling it works fine, it lowers the volume to speak but doesnt play the chime or text