NanoLeaf Aurora including Scenes

I just got my hubitat yesterday so wanted to dip my feet in converting something. so i started on my custom Nanoleaf Aurora device handler i was using on smartthings. i realise you have a version already but i didn't see that is has scene support. this has support for select one of four favourite scenes and additionally 4 Rhythm Scenes called Party Scenes, this just allows you to select them via the rules engine.

just thought i would share if someone is interested.

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Scene support?, our driver fetches all the color and rhythm instances, including custom ones that have been configured on each aurora.

@mike.maxwell ok TBH, i hadn't tested against it, as i went down the route of porting this across and finished it before i noticed you already had support.
I added the device handler to a device and saw only the following so made an assumption it didn't before i posted , but you know what they say about assumption it's the mother of all....... :slight_smile:

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well, it’s not the worlds most popular device, probably due to the expense.
In any event, welcome aboard BTW!

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I might switch to this one. I asked a few months back to add next scene and previous scene commands to the built in driver so I could use a pico to switch scenes. Bigger fish to fry for development.

thanks good to be here. i’m not sure how much stuff im gonna try against this hub at the moment as im using Homeseer predominately and its very stable, but i always had a soft spot for the ST ecosystem and especially the community, so if you can get that traction from the community and have an easy enough process of porting stuff across then you are onto a winner if the reliability is there.
i’ve just ported my Tado SmartApp over which was easy enough. so altogether a great start (with the exception of the PSU that i got with the device breaking within 4 hours :frowning: )

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I’ve been using random scenes as the next best thing to next scenes which seems to work well if you don’t mind the unpredictability of the next scene. I tried to play around with webcore to try to get the effect number and then add one to it to simulate the next scene option but wasn’t able to get the effect number to pull. I didn’t play around with that very long, but think that could possibly be a work around if you can figure out how to capture the scene number. I am using custom commands with “set effect” and then an integer using rule machine. This works fine unless I add a new scene to Nanoleaf and then it changes the scene numbers which messes up Hubitat. On webcore in ST, I was able to set effects using the scene name as a string variable so this wasn’t a problem before. How are you setting scenes on Hubitat? Have you had any luck using scene names instead of integers?

Nanoleafs aren’t the most affordable device out there but they sure are cool and work great! It looks like they have some interesting follow up products coming down the pipeline too. I’ve pre-ordered one of their remotes which I am guessing will be more of a novelty than a practicality.

@Errand yup the Nanoleafs aren't cheap but i love the effect, i have 46 panels in total in 2 rooms, i like the affect. i know its not to everyone's tastes but they are some of the best lights i have purchased, and i think the API is extremely well written.

I've also pre-ordered the remotes also, but i really am looking into that as a main controller of scenes, as at the moment i have 4 main scenes that change and set all lights (Philips Hue, Magic Home Strips, Fireplaces, Nanoleaf Aurora and Zwave devices) accordingly

This pic below is when i first put them up, but i now have more go around the wall to the right and then back around again under the fire

but i am now wanting to use that remote to get far more scenes in an easily accessible format i currently use the older Philips hue switches as scene selectors, but like the idea of the remote if i can re-purpose to more than just the nanoleaf panels.

Looks very cool! They do have an addictive quality to them. I am guessing you are Nanoleaf rewards member… :wink:

The price comes down when you buy them in packs of 30. It sounds ridiculous at first but not after your first setup.


I got 9 pack with audio sensor for $150 Canadian on sale at best buy and got two more panels on eBay for $15 each. Not a crazy cost considering led light fixtures (or smart dimmers!)

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Hello, Any integration of Magic Home with Hubitat?

I no longer use Hubitat and sold my Hub. I'm not aware of magic home integration. But you could use IFTTT to cover something together easy enough

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I just picked up a set of these and loaded them in. If I want to call a specific scene via RM, do I need to create a custom command?

yes, use the command setEffect, number as param, and the effect id listed in the nanoleaf

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These are Awesome!!!!

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Yeah, spendy but awesome, I have three nanoleaf and one canvas installations, the canvas is not simply a square nanoleaf, no where near the lumen output...

Have you used RM 3.0 with the custom actions with these yet? Just looking for ideas.

Been using commands with these for over a year now.

Hi everyone, can anyone let me know the best way to run specific scenes on Nanoleaf ideally from a keypad button? First I tried Rule Machine and created a custom command which uses the Nanoleaf and has setEffect(x) with x being the scene number. Then I set another Rule Machine saying if keypad button 3 is pressed then run the custom command mentioned a moment ago. This seemed to work for a bit but then I noticed that after downloading some new scenes to the Nanoleaf from the app, now using the keypad turns on the wrong scene, as it seems like scene 8 is no longer Northern Lights but has changed to something else.

Is there a better or easier way to accomplish this, pressing a button on a keypad and having the Nanoleaf come on to a set brightness % as well as a set scene?

Hello All,

Will Hubitat control of Nanoleaf Aurora override the nanoleaf mobile application scenes/schedule?

Thank You