NanoLeaf Aurora including Scenes

I have no idea, I don't use their scheduler, I suspect it would honor the command sent from HE, then honor the next scheduled event from their app...

I'd avoid using the plugin as it's not very good. It treats all Nanoleaf scenes as just numbers, but they change constantly. So you'll have something working like pressing a button runs Nanoleaf scene 5, but then a few days later you download a few new scenes to the Nanoleaf and now scene 5 is something totally different. Not sure why it's set up like this and doesn't use the NAMES of the scenes like pretty much every other HA controller that works with Nanoleaf. Makes it pretty useless unfortunately.

Yes, this is a bug in our driver, however I could also say its a poor implementation on NanoLeaf's side, the whole point of a id/name value pair being that you can change the name, but the id remains the same, my bad for assuming that's how they implemented that part of the API. So basically if you change the name of an existing scene and then add a new one, the entire structure on our end gets broken anyway, realizing this is probably the reason I haven't fixed it yet...

This is working fine for me, I just control the scenes via the Nanoleaf app and let Hubitat control the Motion on-off and fully-off night hours.

Thanks Again