MYQ - Show Status

New to Hubitat and looking to have Status of my Garage Doors on the Dashboard.
I do not have the Hubitat Bridge but can control my doors through the iOS App.
Do I need to get the bridge for this ?
Thank You

I am confused, maybe you need to change something about that statement above?

Do you have a Hubitat? Do you have MyQ?


Yes I have Hubitat and MyQ Garage door openers,
From my understanding there is also am MyQ Bridge that will allow
you to use Siri/HomeKit (Which I don't want)

What I would like is to create icons on my dashboard that will advise if the garage doors are in the Open or Close position.

You need the MyQ app for Hubitat, and preferably a secondary sensor to read the door state. The door state can also be done through IFTTT, but that is a lot more messy and complicated.

You can use a Zigbee sensor like the Smartthings multi sensor, or a Zwave tilt sensor.


Awesome - Thanks! That saves me from running around in circles as I almost have started that.


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