MyQ Garage Integration - Error with Hubitat-myQ github code

Hi all,

New to HE but not to smart home tech. I've got two MyQ connected garage doors on one Premium MyQ service. I am attempting to get the Hubitat-myQ code from Github (github_com/bdwilson/Hubitat-myQ) working, but I am receiving errors.

Here's what I've done along with the results:

  1. Installed new driver code by adding myQDevice.groovy raw code - no errors saving
  2. Installed new driver code by adding myQDevice-nosensory.groovy - no errors saving
  3. Installed new driver code by adding momentary-button-tile.groovy - no errors saving
  4. Installed new app code by adding myQApp.groovy - no errors saving
  5. Created new App by choosing User App MyQ Lite. Inserted username and password (as verified as working at myqservices_com)) and choose the brand as both Liftmaster and Chamberlin - Clicking "Done" displays "Unexpected error" which the logs display " [error] Bad Request on line 922 (prefListDevices))


  1. What am I supposed to do with the momentary button tile device I installed? (I don't have any smart contact sensor installed physically on the door itself)
  2. What am I supposed to do with the MyQ device - nosensor device I installed?
  3. How should I proceed with the "Adding User App" error?

Hi - welcome to Hubitat. Unfortunately, the MyQ integration is down right now because Chamberlain updated their API, but the Hubitat community integration by @thomas.c.howard hasn't been updated yet.

In this thread, @tsuthar indicates they are re-implementing the app and driver with support for the new API.

Hopefully, it will be released soon.

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Great, thanks for letting me know.

@dman2306 has successfully ported the new ST version to Hubitat. I just tested it - works well. Here's the relevant post:

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I'm also very new to HE but not smart home tech. I also have two MyQ connected garage doors which I would like to integrate. I've tried the two apps mentioned above. The first one by bdwilson, which the OP mentions, also gave me an error while logging in and the second one by dcmeglio gives me multiple errors (yellow header with references to the code lines) after pasting in HE's App code section. I'm not sure how to proceed from here. Any advice would be appreciated.

More general questions:

  1. Is GitHub the unofficial main source for user developed codes? I'll be looking for the Ring integration next.

  2. How do I know if I have the latest code which would increase proper function? I ask this because I find code links posted followed by hundreds of posts over weeks with statements about issues in the code. Is there a page with a list of links for the latest apps and drivers (instead of browsing multiple sources)?

  3. Are ".groovy" files or codes universal or compatible between SmartThings and HE, because most codes I'm seeing are under "/Hubitat/..." but have ST all in the description, like the dcmeglio MyQ one?

  4. Is there advance documentation for HE? For example, there are functions or options which I would like to learn about. For example, what does "cancellable" exactly mean in Rule Machine or how to get the routing table under a Zigbee device (pressing this button does nothing).

It's very evident that this community is quite helpful to their (new) members. Thanks in advance for your help.


Give this MyQ "app" a try, it works rock solid for a lot of people on this forum. Chamberlin changed their API not too long ago, so a lot of the older code bases no longer work.

** Edit ** direct link to the app code adjusted for Hubitat, ignore the "SmartThings" inside the code

As for your questions, here are my best answers:

  1. GitHub makes it easy to share code, so it's used a lot. Search these forums for "Ring" and you'll find plenty of options, all with various levels of success/features (Ring makes it difficult)
  2. The code on github will be the latest and greatest, so if you click an older post that brings you to github, you'll be looking at the latest code more than likely
  3. Apps do need to be adjusted between the two platforms, if you see "SmartThings" in the comments/description, it's just simply an oversight
  4. The Hubitat YouTube channel is excellent to learn stuff like that, YouTube user/channel "KMM Tech" is excellent as well
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Does the same go for the Device Driver code? Is it the same for Smartthings and Hubitat?

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this was very informing, but i ran to another wall. i am very new to the smart home and hubitat but im a quick learning. below i keep have this error code.
There was a problem updating devices:
java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property 'deviceNetworkId' on null object.
Line number: 668
i integrated the myq app but i cant fully add the device, do i have to uninstall the device then added?
thanks for your help and guidance.

update i figure out that i needed to add the device handler to the driver codes in the HE.
*note: you need to search the files manually to find the up to date version in github. at least that what worked for me

Have a question about the "Door Lock" option, does that change anything else? Right now I don't have it checked and it works fine, does this add an additional lock, or change the door to a garage object?

Otherwise I guess I could just make a Vlock and a rule to do the same thing.

I'm getting "Cannot get property 'deviceNetworkId' on null object." error as well. The difference is that my error occurred on Line Number: 609. Last Successful step:Sensor Indexing

When I installed the app and logged into with my Chamberlain credentials, it found my device. But when I tried to set it up, that is when I get the error.

I also tried to Click the "Middle Contact Sensor". After that, the Update button appears, so I click that, then it goes away. Not sure if to accepted it. When I click "next", I get the error. Should I be trying another driver? The one I installed is myq-garage-door-opener.src. I selected this because the instructions indicated that I should use this if I have the MyQ sensors.

Did you use the latest code, from this thread?

Did you install both an app and a driver?

Do you have a contact or tilt sensor on the door? Note: you cannot use the MyQ sensor, it must be a secondary sensor you have added. There are different driver codes depending upon IF you do or don't have a tilt sensor.

@neonturbo, Thanks for reply.

  1. Yes, I believe I installed the code from the GitHub location in that post you quoted.
  2. Installed App first and then Driver as instructed. Tried again by installing Driver first and then App. Same result.
  3. I do have a tilt sensor, but it is the MyQ sensor. I thought I noticed others using other sensors, but for some reason, I thought the driver I used would work with the MyQ sensor. So I guess that is my problem.

Assuming the MyQ sensor is my issue with this App, if I were to install a 3rd party Tilt sensor, how would I pair that up with the MyQ controller/hub?

Please excuse my ignorance, as I am brand new home automation and HE. MyQ is the first device I was trying to get working with HE. My z-wave light switches arrive today, so I get to learn more with those too. :blush:


The tilt sensor is most likely your issue. The app is looking for a 3rd party sensor.

You would join this new sensor in Hubitat. When you reinstall the MyQ app, it will ask you to select the correct sensor.

There is a way to use the door without an additional sensor, but it isn't as clean and requires IFTTT.

MyQ Chamberlain Garage Dooor?

Yes, after thinking about it a little more, I realize that while the MyQ driver/app can direct the unit to open or close the garage door, there is no feedback from the MyQ sensors to HE directly or even through the MyQ hub. This makes sense. As you said, I was using the version of the app that looks for a HE compatible sensor, and of course, I don't have one installed.

Thank you for the related IFTTT post reference. IFTTT is new to me as well, so while I understand it is not the cleanest or most efficient, it may still be good practice to further my learning and experience.

Any recommendations on a z-wave/zigbee tilt sensor? I know others have used a simple contact sensor, but it seems the installation may be more of a hassle trying to align the sensor than just mounting a tilt sensor on the door.

The SmartThings multisensor is pretty popular:

Other choices include: the NYCE Tilt Sensor and the Ecolink Tilt Sensor

I use the Smartthings sensor listed by aaiyar.

I keep getting errors ... the latest one is

Metadata Error:Please check if you inadvertently pasted driver code into apps code window on line 23

That is telling you that you are trying to place a driver into an app.

Select Driver Code tab, and try pasting it in there instead.