MyQ Lite Device Integration

I have copied the MyQ Garage Door Opener code to the device driver section of Hubitat and added a virtual device with device type MyQ Garage Door Opener, but I cannot figure out how to associate this device with my garage door opener. The documentation says to go to Device Preferences and add userid and password, but the "Preferences" option is greyed and I cannot add anything. Did I miss a step somewhere? Thanks.

Did you install the app first? When you configure the app, it will configure and install the driver.


Which app?

The MyQ app.

To clarify, the MyQ app for Hubitat that accompanies the driver that you apparently installed.

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This walks you through the steps.

You can use Hubitat Package Manager to more easily bring all the required code into Hubitat. You still have to install the app in Hubitat (step 10 in the link above).

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For someone who spent 30 years programming large IBM mainframes, I admit to being a complete moron when it comes to much of today’s technology. I have been totally unsuccessful in installing Mq-Lite. I do not grasp the intricacies of GitHub and apparently have copied the wrong source from Mr. Beard’s file. When I try to save it in Hubitat’s New App screen, I receive an error saying there is an illegal character in line1182, position 1. The character appears to be the copyright character. Now what?

Thanks for helping this clueless newbie.

I would suggest taking @neonturbo's advice, and install MyQ-Lite using Hubitat Package Manager (HPM).

Install HPM as described here:

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Also see the documentation about installing custom (user) apps. It walks through the process with screenshots.

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Okay, I installed Package Manager and used it to install MyQ. Everything seemed to work fine with no errors reported. I now have MyQ listed in both apps and drivers. What is not clear to me is how to pair the app with my garage door. I have tried adding MyQ as a virtual device with type MyQ Garage Door Opener, but the Preferences option is greyed and I cannot logon on to the garage door site. Now what?

Thanks for your patience.

  1. Delete the virtual device you've created.
  2. Install the MyQ Lite app as indicated below:

a) Click on "Apps" in the side bar.

b) Click on "Add User App" .

c) Click on "MyQ Lite" in the pop-up list.

Once the MyQ Lite app is installed, then open it and configure it using your username/password for Chamberlain's cloud. It will create the garage door device for you.

This has been the most useful thread for myq current so far. My only speedbump is that when i try and login it keeps saying the username or password entered is incorrect.

in the app i use my google login
I am also in Canada so i don't know if their online login is different

I just install the MyQ integration using the package installer. I then went to "apps" and selected MyQ lite, it requested my username and password and presented the names of my garage doors to select. After I selected them, I got an installation error and the process stopped:

Installation Details:

There was a problem updating devices: java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property 'deviceNetworkId' on null object. Line number: 611 Last successful step: Sensor Indexing
Did I miss a step?
Many thanks for any help

Do you have a zigbee or zwave door sensor that is directly paired to Hubitat?

I have no sensor. My system does work using Homebridge to link to Homekit without a sensor. Is a sensor required?

Yes. Either a Hubitat physical or virtual door sensor is required.

Again, thanks for the guidance. I installed the no-sensor option and everything works fine. Is there a more detailed summary of options and guidance - what I found on GitHub - dcmeglio/hubitat-myq: Integrate SmartThings with MyQ seemed abit sparse.

Again, Thanks

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I have the app working in HE and the device shows the status and allows me to send an open or closed command. That all seems great. However i cant seem to be able to create a button in dashboard to send a close command or send a close when a scene is set or time of day occurs. When I use the device it works as expected. Any guidance?

Make sure you allowed the MyQ Lite device access to the dashboard in the dashboard configuration.

Then it should be a device button for the door, and the template, at least for me is the Garage (Control) template. This is a open / close toggle. Clicking it on a dashboard presents a Y/N confirmation and also triggers the MyQ state change notification from their app as well. The dashboard button will depict the door state.

I'm less than useless as far as scenes as I don't use them, but for an automated close rule, it can be as simple as

IF (Time) AND
Garage Door garage door open (T) THEN
Close: Garage Door

I've added constraints for day / night, and have a virtual switch to test an Alexa routine to make her speak a notification when closing the door during the daylight timeframe. If the door was auto closed from either routine it will also fire a notification to the HE app on my phone as well.

IF (Time between Sunset(19:45) and Sunrise(06:48)(T) AND
Garage Door garage door open(F) [FALSE]) THEN
Notify Pixel 5a: 'Garage door is closing'
Delay 0:00:30 (cancelable)
Close: Garage Door
IF (Time between Sunrise(06:48) and Sunset(19:45)(F) AND
Garage Door garage door open(F) [FALSE]) THEN
On: Garage Speak Test
Notify Pixel 5a: 'I'm closing the garage door now. '
Delay 0:00:05
Off: Garage Speak Test (Command only switches that are on)
Close: Garage Door
--> delayed: 0:00:05

Thank you for the through response. I am able to add the Garage(Control) tile to the dashboard but it only seems to send command open. It will show the state of opening on the tile but doesn't send a closed command or show an open state.

The device for garage shows the current state and allows open or close commands to be sent. So clearly HE can perform the action and knows the state.

What I continually miss in dashboard is the ability to create a virtual button that I can use to make an action occur through a rule on any device(s). In this case I only want the dashboard to be able to send a close command to the garage device.

Due to certain circumstances, I had to reinstall MyQ Lite.

I am able to log out and log back into my MyQ app on my phone but when I try to go through the login credentials with my Hubitat app, I get the Login Error: The username or password you entered is incorrect. Go back and try again. I'm not sure why this is happening since I have no problem using the same credentials in the phone app. Anyone has any idea why?