MyQ Integration and Dashboard operation

Hello all. I haven't had time to dive into my C8 for quite a while. So today I did so...
Lately I noticed MyQ integration wasn't working properly. The way I use it is as follows
-Alexa voice Open and Close
-MyQ App direct open or close via their app

So lately I noticed the Alexa wasn't connecting with MyQ. So I deleted the Integration entirely and reinstalled from the Hubitat Package Manager (the latest integration posted in there)

It now Opens / Closes with Alexa voice.
When I attempt to create a Dashboard Tile for the purpose of Open or Close it turns into Non-Responsive after the initial Open. After that it doesn't respond via Dashboard tile. Anyone know why it doesn't ?

I don't have any tilt sensors included on the doors. The way I am using the MyQ integration is just merely Open/ Close. I plan on adding a seperate sensor to detect if the garage is Open or Closed.

So for now I only have the ability to
Open/ Close via-
MyQ app
or if I directly login to Hubitat and goto Devices and Open the actual device to Open or Close from there.

I do not have the ability to Open / Close via Dashboard Tile.

thankyou in advance.

Is your dashboard tile set for the Garage (control) attribute of your garage door control device? See my example below. The MyQ app you are using should have created a garage door device. You might want to check out the updated MyQ Lite app here - [UPDATED NEW THREAD] Updated MyQ Lite Application Official Thread

Hello jkudave
yes I have the updated MyQ Lite App installed from community threads 2023 and have installed as you've listed Garage (control)

once I add the tile, I can Open the garage, but then afterwards i have no more control via Dashboard Tile

only control i have is as stated
via alexa or MyQ app or hubitat logging in to the devices and closing it there

It was my understanding, when I was still using MyQ, that you needed the tilt sensor for the MyQ Lite app to work properly. Since you mentioned you donโ€™t have one yet, that could be the issue.


Alrighty thankyou.
Let's see if anyone else has anymore insight into this.

have a great day

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The integration doesn't work correctly without a tilt or contact sensor. Get one.



I'll look into getting a tilt sensor. Is there a favored one here for this integration?

Any contact or tilt sensor should work. I use an Aeotec Door/Window Sensor 7 Pro that does tilt and magnet sensing. But others in the forum have used other sensors. Just read the MyQ thread.


Got it

Iโ€™m using this one:

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