MyQ garage door Integration

Any chance of getting MyQ integrated?


I second the MY Q integration.


I haven’t looked into this yet, but I’m guessing it would be easy to port the MyQ Lite SmartApp and DTHs from SmartThings. Since Chaimberlain doesn’t seem to be enthusiastic about SmartThings support, I don’t think we’re likely to see any official integration on Hubitat soon (and who knows if they’d want to charge for it), so that’s probably our best hope. I just got my Hub today but getting this figured out is also on my to-do list. :):slightly_smiling_face:


My hub arrives today… has there been any movement on the MyQ integration?

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No, but as I mentioned above, community-created, reverse-engineered workarounds are probably the best we can hope for here—as with SmartThings, given Chamberlain’s lack of enthusiasm. After writing the above, I was actually able to port the DTHs and SmartApp from ST to Hubitat with minimal code changes. I haven’t tried setting up the devices themselves yet in Hubitat to see if they work, but I imagine that would work just fine (I’m still using them on ST but plan to move them over when I have more time).


+1 for the MyQ integration. I am currently using ST for this.

Ill second this.. this would be a great addition! Beer money bounty :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately it looks like this is not going to happen. I have a couple MyQ openers myself but every message we've sent to Liftmaster has gone into a black hole. No response from them whatsoever.

Official MyQ integration will probably not happen. With the current set of community projects you are able to open/close the doors but you can’t get the status of the doors unless you buy another tilt sensor and use that in the app.

You could also control it via ifttt but that solution is very limited and also cost money.

Not saying it’s impossovle. Just that any implementation that polls the server will more than likely be shut down by MyQ once it gets popular.

Just not worth it if you are looking for a new solution. If you already have MyQ, it might be cheaper to get the tilt sensors and work them in.

Hi all. I know this thread is a bit old, however, wanted add some thoughts on this.

First, I'm just moving over to Hubitat, been a long time ST and dabbled with Home Assistant as well. What I find the most interesting is that Home Assistant has code that works with MyQ and reports the status of the door from the default/included Chamberlin MyQ door sensor where ST requires a separate contact to show open/close. I don't know how Home Assistance was able to do this, but it works rock solid. The only config you give it your brand (in my case Chamberlin), MyQ user name and password. It responds instant to open/close commands (the door status is delayed by around 10-15 seconds) but works great.

Anyone willing or able to look at the Home Assistant "cover" code and see how they got this working and possibly bring it over to Hubitat? This is the single device I have which I am unable to control with Hubait. I know, real world problems! :slight_smile:

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I also am really interested in integrating my garage door opener (LiftMaster with MyQ hub) into HE.

I did find some applica code but I am doing something wrong cause I can’t find device.

Also would love to connect 2 current light switches from MyQ.

Any guidance would be appreciated

I am also interested. Has anyone figured out how to integrate with MyQ?

This app works fine...

You will want an external sensor if you want door status on the dashboard or for automations. If you simply want open/close, the app works without any additional sensors.

It looks like Chamberilain has an application process for official integrations --

I'd love to see an official integration so that I don't need a secondary contact sensor to tell if the door is open or not.

Their official integrations come with large limitations. I moved to Hubitat from Wink, which had an official MyQ integration. MyQ devices could not be used as automation targets (eg. raise garage door when my car/phone enters a geofence). MyQ products could not exported by Wink to be controlled by voice assistants (eg. Alexa/GH).

These limitations led me to use a momentary z-wave switch (FortrezZ MIMOLite) and a contact sensor as my primary garage door controller in Wink. I continued doing that with Hubitat, although I recently replaced the MIMOLite with a momentary zigbee switch. With HE, this combination is fully locally controlled and I can use any desired automation with my garage door - and control it using voice assistants.


Yeah....I don't think that's going to happen. Plus, all of their third party integrations only allow you to close the door...not open it. It's a security thing imposed by Chamberlain.

Edit: Damn you @aaiyar!! Beat me by like 4 seconds. :stuck_out_tongue: hehe

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Ha - Mavis Beacon teaches typing finally became useful :laughing:

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Ach, well, hopes and dreams crushed. I need to just get a freak'n sensor for the garage door.


Just had a new MyQ garage door opener installed today, then found out my Linear controller will not work out of the box. I saw an interesting post how to solder a remote opener to the end of the Linear to get the job done. It's a hack but would probably work.. Despite this, is there a more simplistic option that I'm missing? FYI - I'm not interested in IFTTT or cloud based solution, it's a personal requirement. :slight_smile:

If your new GDO is Security 2.0+, then the ready-made solutions are cloud based. All local solutions will require soldering leads from a momentary relay (like your Linear opener) to either a remote control or a door button.