My surge protector is getting full, is a 5v/2.5A hub enough to power H.E

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It uses 5V 1A.

Thank you, so the answers yes? Sorry I’m slow at this stuff

If what you posted in the tittle is correct then the answer is no. 5A/2.5V is not going to work.
If you meant to say 5V/2.5A. then that's enough to power your HE hub.


Sorry, you’re correct and thank you, it worked. I had a 6 port usb device. I was just able to get rid of 3 bricks. H.e, raspberry pi, and a harmony hub. They save so much space

No need to sorry and glad it's working out for you. We are here to help and I am sure you will do the same. :+1:

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5V 2.5A shared by all those hubs might work if you plug each one in one at a time and boot them up sequentially, but you might have trouble if there is a power outage and they all try and boot at the same time, the current can be higher during boot and the total of all 3 booting may exceed 2.5A, with highly unpredictable results. USB in theory has a current limit of only 500mA per port.


Thank you, I unplugged the harmony hub. The pi 3 and h.e should be fine?
Also it says 2.5v PER USB port, if that matters This one

Ok, my assumption was incorrect. I thought you have a power bar surge protector with one 2.5A USB port.
What you have is a USB hub with total of 2.5A for all the ports. As long as the total of devices draw less than 2.5A then you are ok.

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Actually... That looks like a nice charging hub...

As this device is a Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 device, it supports non-QC enabled devices (such as the HE or Pi3, etc) with 5V/2.4A PER PORT.

5V/2.4A is 12W... 5 x 12W = 60W... The entire power budget for the device is 90W...(which is only used when all ports have a QC3.0 device connected).

So, you can power all the devices (Pi3, Harmony Hub, HE) all the time...

Thank you

Unrelated, but if you find time to look, could I plug This in also?

Power consumption

|Stand-by|0.8 W|
|In menus|1.5 W|
|HD streaming|2.5 W|
|Gaming|3 W|

No, you can't. The Nexus Player is 12V, not 5V.

You don't need others to check this for you, though. It is simple:

  1. Verify the device uses the same voltage the hub/power supply supplies. In this case it needs to be 5V. If it is different it won't work.
  2. Must not exceed the per connection or total hub wattage rating. And Wattage = Voltage * Amp. So, for example, if it is max 12W/channel you could use any device that is 5V with a max A rating of 2.4A.

Thank you. It’s 12v so No. thank you for informing me on how to check myself.

So I broke down and bought

It says 23 minutes at 100w. I looked up amps to watts and 1 amp is like 120 watts. This big thing will only keep my hub alive for 20 minutes?

Your Hubitat Hub will draw probably around 5W. So, excluding inefficiencies and such, that would mean that UPS would run to Hubitat hub for about 6-8 hours.


Again, V*A=W... So 5V * 1A=5W draw.... Not 120....


Do you have a Raspberry Pi (or any other low powered SBC that runs Linux)? The UPS you purchased is compatible with apcupsd.

This will let the RPi/SBC monitor battery levels when power is out. And you can have a script automatically run on the RPi/SBC to safely shutdown the Hubitat when there's less than 10-15 minutes of battery life left. Reduce the odds of database corruption etc ...

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I do, my rpi 4 is currently connected to it too. Thank you. Even though all 5 ports are connected I only want 2 to back up. Can it do that, and how difficult is it

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