My 1st rule-how to pick 2 devices?

I wanted to create a Trigger to do a simple action.
I have 2 window shade devices. I simply want both of them to open at sunrise.

Assigning a device (shade) only allows me to pick 1 window. I want to pick 2 windows.

How do I pick 2 devices instead of only 1?

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It's a very good question. Not owning any shades, I have never looked at this and now I see that it is only possible to select a single shade per RM (Rule Machine) trigger or rule. What you will need to do is create a trigger or rule for each shade. Assign the same button (or whatever your trigger is going to be) to each rule. When your trigger activates, both rules will fire at once raising or lowering your shades.

However, I think you will probably want to use a rule, rather than a trigger. A trigger does a single action, so you will only be able to raise or lower the shades with a trigger (one or the other, not both). To do both, you want to create a rule.

Here's Bruce Ravenel's guide to rule machine to help you get started.

You have 2 options. I have shades and because of this I ended up changing the driver back to dimmer.
I was using the second option for a while and that is to tie them to virtual dimmers.

The adjust shades action in Rule Machine is not for the type of shades you are using. This is for the type that uses a motor controller for up, down and stop.

For Lutron shades installed via our Lutron Integration, use them as dimmers in Rule Machine (which is how Lutron treats them). !00% if fully open, off or 0% is fully closed.

Thanks for the info.

My shades do use a motor controller. The Fibaro FGR221 is a motor controller for up/down/stop/%. "Remotely controlled Roller Shutter Controller of FIBARO system is designed to control motors of roller shutters, awnings, etc. It has the function of detecting the current state of a controlled device, e.g. position of roller shutter. "

These shades are actually each 6 ft long and roll up the covering much like a movie screen.

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