Mute or Block Forum Feature

Please implement a mute or block feature for individual accounts on these forums so I don't have to see posts from divisive people. It destroys my happy. :sunglasses:


I researched this a long time ago. Unfortunately, Discourse doesn't have this feature. Their reasoning is that it would mess up the continuity of threads. Seems the only thing one can do is mute a whole thread, which of course accomplishes nothing.


You can block notifications triggered by a specific user. You can chose users in your profile.

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I did similar research a while back when HE experienced it first surge in community members (which unfortunately also brought a small surge in toxic replies). Recently @bravenel posted that the best way to deal with these types of individuals was to reach out to staff directly or flag their posts. I have only ever done this in extreme cases myself but plan to be a bit more liberal going forward as I have noticed an uptick in negativity and abrasiveness as well.


I flag things that are clear/direct personal attacks. Differing opinions, even stupid ones, shouldn't be flagged in my opinion.

I already mentally block out the comments I think are stupid. I don't need a forum feature for that. :wink:


We have a no-tolerance policy with respect to antagonistic posting. The best thing to do is to flag the post. This is certain to get noticed, and dealt with. People who don't get the message from polite explanation will find out that we have other means to moderate in order to maintain a civil forum. We find that polite and respectful response to someone is always the best plan, but when that fails, do flag.


In most cases I would mute, I don't think the person merits a flag. It's too bad we can't mute such that their posts are hidden from view.

I've made use of the notifications block mentioned above. That should help my happy some.

Personally I think the best way to deal with toxic or antagonistic posts is to completely ignore them (i.e. no response). I believe a majority of this kind of post is meant to bring others down to their level.

My mom used to tell me (often) " Consider the source and ignore the remark"


With our latest discourse update, this feature is available on the forum now.


In case anyone is looking for that feature: "[your username]/preferences/users"

Personally, I just ignore the toxic threads/users (should I come across them) and mosey about my day, but for some of the more persistent ones, this is a welcome addition.

Need to add the time frame forever in the ignore setting :slight_smile:


I can only mute?

Go into the user's profile.

I am going to guess it is because I am not part of the owner group.

It does seem that way. You can request to be an owner. Are you cool enough though? :grin:

Nope, its not that. Not sure what it is, but owner group doesn't give you anything except "Owner" next to your name.. I'm not even part of the owner group.

Edit: It has to do with trust levels and trust level 2 was somehow set arbitrarily high, perhaps a bug with the update. but I've reset the values.


Ok thanks!