Multiple Minimotes stopped working

I have 4 minimotes paired with HE. Sometime today, 3 of the 4 stopped working. I had to exclude and re-pair them. Anyone have any idea why this might have happened? They were all working fine yesterday.

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I gave up on Minimotes. I constantly had to reconfigure them to work. They are sleepy devices and fall off the network. Ended up buying a Lutron Caseta Pro hub and retired my minimotes in favor of Picos. Picos are awesome.


I never had any issues with them on ST. Hopefully this was just a hiccup. I did run a zwave repair today, but I'm not sure how that could have affected the remotes. It was just weird that it happened to 3 at the same time.

I never did either but remember ST polled all the devices. I never tried setting up a rule to refresh the mote but you could try that. I got tired of fighting with them and needed an excuse to buy a Caseta hub. I’ve been able to solve many additional challenges with it and haven’t looked back.

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Oh and btw I sold some of my minimotes on the ST forum to recoup some of cost. They are hard to find these days.

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Happened again last night. Always fun trying to fix stuff at bed time :rofl:

Time to replace these things. Anyone have recommendations for multi-button devices that don't require a separate hub?

Lutron Caseta does require a hub but most definitely worth it. I love my Pico remotes. In fact I am installing a new one today on a wall that I have wanted a switch that doesn’t have one. Beauty is I don’t have to run any wires, 2 screws in drywall, put plate on and done.

Bedside remotes are on a pedestal.

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Hit up @blanghor if you don’t mind Zigbee and you’re just doing simple lights on/off and dim, with no need for other functions. I think he might have some Lutron Coonected Bulb remotes to sell.

If you want to do other functions though, you can’t go wrong with the picos and the Lutron SmartBridge Pro. Worth every penny.

I have a strange habit of buying button devices. Yet my whole architecture is that Automation should be automatic. If I have to push a button or whip out a phone, or walk to a wall panel.. I've failed. So why on earth would I buy buttons?

The result is, though, I have minimotes, wall motes, nano motes (Hank version) and a bunch more in the "junk box."

The only buttons we use are... Pico's. They're just that good.

Yes, there's the $80 to buy the Lutron Smartbridge Pro, but you will spend 15 mins setting it up and probably 30 mins running around giggling, trying to show everyone how amazing it is.

But, for a ZWave button, the wall motes are good. They do wake every hour or two and flash their yellow light. They magnetically mount to the wall and need a USB recharge every month or so. And they are 3x3 inches, so not subtle.

Last on my "it works" list is the Hank/Aeon Nano mote. It's small, very small but is round. If you don't stick it to a surface, it's hard to orient. Works very good though.

Best overall is the Pico.. small, long long battery life, exceptionally fast, and because of the specific shape, mount anywhere subtly.