Multiple Events for Single Action

I'm experiencing the multiple-events problem where described here: Z-Wave storms - looks like HE Hub's fault?

It looks like this was not originally posted with the "bug" tag, so I'm posting this as a bug to bring attention to the issue.

See also: Multiple Logged Events for Single Action

I'm assuming this might be contributing to the many "Network Busy" errors people are seeing the the C7 hub.

Usually caused by failed pairs or bad drivers/device firmware. Helped a bunch of other users track down their issues so far.

Thanks. My devices are pretty simple - HomeSeer switches and dimmers, all paired with no security, Several Schlage locks - S0 security, all working fine. And a motion sensor (S0 security). All seem fine. A total of about 70 devices.

I have already (twice) fully reset the Z-wave and re-paired just in case it was a pairing problem.

During this last pairing, there was a single device that didn't pair right, so when I look at my Zwave interface, there is a single "skip" in sequence. I understand there's the "ghost node" problem, and perhaps that could be it, but it seems this is really a Hubitat software / firmware problem as it should be detecting these "ghost nodes" and providing a solution to get rid of them.

Could you post a screenshot of your device list in settings, zwave details?

I could do it tonight after I get home from work. Its pretty lengthy, so if easier, I could try posting as a PDF.

Is there something specific that you're looking for?

By the way, see this related post: Multiple Logged Events for Single Action As mentioned there, I wrote a simple JavaScript program to open a websocket and monitor the eventStream and these mulitple events do propagate on the eventStream (i.e., its more than just a logging issue).


In the z-wave details look for any device besides 0x01(001) that is missing the cluster In Out:

Like this

Any failed or not responding devices that are not battery powered devices. As well as any that contain A5 in the route.

After you get that list we may need to dig further into any problem devices.

Next step would be to check the X at the top right of the devices page. Go and disable any problem devices other than failed pairs and see if it goes away. You could also go and disable all of them and walk through enabling each device to try and figure out which devices are causing the errors. If you have failed pairs, those will need to be corrected first. It gets a little more complicated but there are several options.

Yep, that was one of the first things I checked (I think I may have seen some of your prior postings on this). They all have their "in" and "out" clusters. There are no A5 routes. They all seem to work OK. I'll check for the "X" that you mention when I get home - I don't recall having seen it.

I'm on the latest Firmware After upgrading to this version, I wiped (reset) the Z-Wave interface, also did a reset on the hubitat system, and then added back all the devices just to be sure I was starting with a "clean" Z-wave interface and Hubitat internal database.

In general what brand of devices are you running? Inovelli, GE/Jasco, Zooz...?

The X is at the top right of the devices page. It's normally grey until you click it. Then turns red and shows a disable column next to each device.

Assuming there are indeed no ghost nodes it's almost always been a device driver or needing a new firmware. I can also easily replicate the issue by putting a different driver on one of my switches. I don't have any Homeseer devices to test with but I can probably track down someone.

Never noticed the X before! I'll check that out.

As for Brand:
Switches - All are HomeSeer.
Dimmers - All are HomeSeer.
Firmware - all are updated to the latest versions available from HomeSeer for the devices.
There are roughly 60 of the HomeSeer Dimmers / Switches.

5 Schlage BE469 Locks. These are non-Plus devices. They are all working.

2 MonoPrice Garage Door tilt sensors (working).

1 MonoPrice Motion Sensor (some problems - but this was added after the multi-event problem came up, so I don't think its the issue - and its a battery operated device, so almost always asleep). I've seen postings by others about problems with the basic Z-wave Motion / Temperature driver so I think I just need to swap the driver to get this one working.

I have a bunch of other devices that I haven't added to Hubitat yet (waiting for the problems with these dimmers / switches to be fixed first) before adding a "new" device to the mix.

I believe the extra events are always coming from the switches / dimmers.

My assumption is this could relate to the 700 series interface and the "network Busy" messages that get displayed in the log from time-to-time -- others have been having these "Busy" messages too. If the interface is "busy", I assume the devices may have been broadcasting "retry" messages which then get delivered in a bunch. If it is that, I'm assuming this may be a Silicon Labs / 700 series interface firmware problem. Just a hunch though..

I'd like to confirm for myself that they're up-to-date as this has bit me twice while troubleshooting, but if you're confident that they are truly up-to-date we can skip.

Yep. Completely confident on the dimmers / switches being up to date. I went through every one in HomeSeer some time ago, and then checked again before starting to move them over to Hubitat. Also did a full reset on each before trying to bring it into Hubitat (using a separate Aeotec Z-Wave stick with a removal function, and doing the factory reset procedure from the switches themselves for good measure).

I know they were working on it and in .145 I can no longer replicate the busy messages by spamming 150 devices on/off where I could before. Once it tripped they would continue spamming until the hub is rebooted. Now the messages stop as soon as I stop spamming the hub. Now I can only get the duplicate device actions with a bad driver.

Wouldn't recommend doing this while the wife is home... She threw a shoe at me.

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I have definitely not been seeing as many Busy messages as before .145. The drivers are just the basic built-in "Generic Z-Wave CentralScene Dimmer" and "Generic Z-Wave CentralScene Switch" drivers. Nothing custom.

What exact model of switches do you have?

Thanks for the advice so far. I have to get back to work for a bit - but will send some more info. tonight. Thanks for the suggestions so far.

HomeSeer WS100
HomeSeer WD100
HomeSeer WS200
HomeSeer WD200

As I think about it, the "200" series devices may load a driver other than "Generic Z-Wave CentralScene Dimmer" and "Generic Z-Wave CentralScene Switch" - there might be something there to control the indicator lights. I'm not sure - I'll check on this when I get home.

See ya

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The far right column has the appropriate device driver for each.

Homeseer ZWave Plus Door/Window Sensor HS-DS100+ Contact Sensor Z-Wave Generic Z-Wave Contact Sensor
Homeseer HomeSeer Floodlight Sensor HS-FLS100+ Light Sensor Z-Wave HomeSeer Floodlight Sensor
Homeseer HomeSeer Indicator Light Sensor HS-FS100-L+ Light Sensor Z-Wave HomeSeer Flex Sensor
Homeseer HomeSeer Perimeter Water Sensor HS-FS100-W+ Water Sensor Z-Wave HomeSeer Flex Sensor
Homeseer HomeSeer Multi-Sensor HSM200 Motion Sensor Z-Wave HomeSeer Multi-Sensor HSM200
Homeseer Water Sensor HS-LS100+ Water Sensor Z-Wave HomeSeer Leak Sensor
Homeseer Wall Dimmer HS-WD200+ Dimmer Z-Wave HomeSeer WD-200 Dimmer
Homeseer Wall Switch HS-WS200+ Switch Z-Wave Generic Z-Wave CentralScene Switch
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