"multi-hubs" discount code doesn't work for "Hub Protect & Remote Admin"?

Great product overall - thanks folks!

I just bought an annual bundle for "Hub Protect & Remote Admin" for my first hub, and was trying to buy it for my second hub, but the "multi-hubs" code reports "Sorry, you cannot use this coupon because you don't have an active Hub Protect subscription for your account". Is there a separate code if you buy a bundle? I thought the second subscription would be "$19.99"?

Order #313879


I believe it can take 24-48 hours to activate. That might be why you are seeing the message you are. Can you verify, @bobbyD ?

That is correct. Please reboot the first hub, then try the second again, with same code. If that doesn't work, please send me a private message with your hub's MAC address and account email.

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Tried a couple of times - same result. I sent a private message with the MACs for both my first and my second hubs. Standing-by!


Also, a side note - both hubs were initially registered to the special "house" emails, before I moved them under my own personal email (by switching admins to it). Perhaps this screwed some things with the discount?


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