Multi-hubs discount code isn't working

Did this issue get resolved? I seem to be in the same situation now. Got a 2nd hub, renamed the first to be distinct, noticed I could add the new hub to an existing full subscription for only! $19.99. But a dead end like described here.
Did follow the directions to order and add the multi code. But perhaps too quickly chose to buy and didn’t buy what I was seeking.

Going back to review, a Multi-hub Discount button is shown, but doesn’t do anything.

Sorry for the confusion. The multi-hubs is a discount code that is valid once the first hub has been registered with your account. To use the code on a second hub, you would have to sign up for a regular Hub Protect subscription ($29.99) then apply the multi-hubs discount during the check out as shown in below example:

  1. Add code

  1. Select Apply Code (a confirmation will be displayed):

  1. Confirm the discount was applyed:

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Thank you, this is a helpful clarification. It appears that this offer is specific to Protect. Wanting the bundle, I guess I have to take the discount on Protect and pay full price on remote, correct? That seems to mean 54.99 annually for the bundle -or- 19.99 + 35.88 = 55.87. I understand this is just pennies, but between this hassle and whatever else at renewal I’d like to clean up this new second subscription. I wish to cancel the new monthly remote subscription I had went ahead with while exploring this discount. Then I will purchase the bundle and keep everything simple, particularly at renewal. Great device technology, support and community. Maybe the subscription marketing folks didn’t need to twist things up with non-value.

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You only need to enroll your "main" hub into the bundle, which gives you Hub Protect for that hub and Remote Admin for all hubs registered with the same account. Any secondary hubs just need Hub Protect with multi-hubs discount for $19.99, as they already have Remote Admin from the main hub's bundle. Makes sense?

Aha. That makes sense and is exactly what I was seeking. I'll subscribe the second hub with the bundle now. Much appriciated clarifications.

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