MQTT with AWS IOT Core or httpPost with Certificate authentication

@bravenel or @gopher.ny

Do you all know of any examples of using AWS IOT Core with the Hubitat MQTT method provided in documentation? I have tried a few things and can't seem to get it to work.

I attempted to update an existing mqtt driver and it just disconnects and gets a java EOF error.

Another not as good option for what i need is to use HTTPS to post the messages to AWS IOT Core. But that still requires authentication with Certs. So similar to the AWS MQTT example. I need a way to submit certs as part of the HTTPS Post. Is that supported as i don't see it as part of the additional options for the method in documentation?

There are options to pass certificate and other related parameters to the MQTT interface, all of them optional:

tlsVersion (optional, accepts "TLSv" values)
clientCertificate (optional but must be provided when privateKey is provided)
privateKey (optional but must be provided when clientCertificate is provided)

If they don't work right out of the box, send me sample code, and I'll take a look.


I just wanted to make sure you got my DM and hopefully just a update that it is being looked at. I know there will be a bunch of happy folks if i can get one of those options to send commands to the AWS IOT core cloud.