Motion sensors and pets

So i've set up my Aqara motion sensor in the hall to turn on my Hue bulbs via Hubitat. The problem is that the cat keeps setting off the motion. My house alarm has PIR's that are 'pet-friendly' so the cats do not set them off, are there any zigbee motion sensors the same?

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I have cut small pieces of gaffer tape ans stuck it to the lens on my stairs to screen out various areas of coverage and got perfect results

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These seem too cheep 4x - $13? I want to expect good thing from Bosch but.... Has anyone used these

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I read this post before I purchased a lot of Iris motion sensors, which are very sensitive. I purchased some opaque "Pex" tubing at Home Depot, and ran a drill bit through the center to slightly enlarge the center hole, and cut them to +/- 3/4" in length. On the Iris' the sensor does protrude a bit form the casing, making it easy to twist the tube onto the sensor. Works like a charm to "de-sensitize" the motion sensors for the cats running around.


What ended up working for me was a combo of things mentioned already - grouping sensors and strategically covering parts of the sensor with white cardboard to hide cat-patrolled areas from the sensor.

I was looking at the Bosch sensors also but nixed them due to multiple bad reviews. I bought the Zooz 4-in-1 sensors and can tell you a cat will still set it off even on their lowest sensitivity setting.

Here's an Iris sensor ziptied to a drink cart. This is one of 2 sensors required to turn on the kitchen lights.

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It is funny - indoors I prefer the super sensitive Iris sensors. When I'm away my cat acts as a light randomizer. :wink:

Outdoors I use the EcoLink sensors so the strays don't set off my security lighting all night.

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Yes, I've used them. First with ST and now with Hubitat (using the built-in Bosch motion sensor driver). They work great, just that they are a large sensor due to using 4 AA batteries (a set of batteries last a couple of years). The reset time is about 3 minutes though.

That price is $13 each btw. -Joel

It's great this thread came up as I just found an unopened Hue motion sensor tucked away in a bin and thought "this would be great in the bedroom to light up at night", but the pet part has been holding me back from setting it up in rules thus far.

At least now I have a place to research solutions!

Be careful, when you going to pay them it's just one, not 4...

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I've used the Bosch for a year now and the batteries are still at 100%. They work perfectly with hubitat using the built in driver. They were initially a little unstable due to early hubitat drivers or Zigbee issues but have been rock solid since Feb/Mar 2019. And they respond fast to motion.

I also have Iris v2 pir to compare and prefer to use the Bosch as my main security PIRs.

They will not sense additional motion after the initial trigger motion within ~3 minutes. They have good coverage at 25+ feet.

The 4x refers to the 4 batteries included. But for $13 each you get professional grade PIR sensor.

Mine are mounted ~7ft above the floor and will detect my 70lb dog but not the cat. Although the cat is pretty inactive during the day when were gone.



I've got 5 ecoLink motion sensors. The only ones that throw false positives are the ones that are within a couple feet of the couch and our kitchen table. I think mounting them to the ceiling would fix this, but ... I haven't had time to test that hypothesis :crazy_face:

I have these, My cats jump all over the place and they have never went off.

Where do you have yours placed?

Corners of the living room, dining room. and above the closet in the center end wall of the hallway.

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Our dog Bentley has never set off any of our motion sensors. This is a solution many of you should consider. Foolproof, 100% ALL the time, never fails, ever.


Those are the ones I use outside. The only time a cat set one off is when it jumped up on the hood of my car right in front of the sensor. They also trigger sometimes when it starts to rain as things cool down. If it is raining indoors then I suspect a pet setting it off is the least of your worries. :yum:


You know, I was really hopeful for a minute, then your picture loaded :joy:

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I wasn't lying. Bentley has never caused a false motion event.

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True, but I have heard rumors he has planned a cou to overthrow your position as King.

Already done that. I am just a Regular today. I only get to be King once in a while when I'm sure Bentley isn't watching and that isn't often.