Motion sensor with quick reset

Any recomendations for a motion sensor that has a quick rest time. Most battery powered motion devices have a 30 to 6o second reset time after it's been triggered. This can cause the sensor to not turn on a light when you need it.

I like the Hue Motion sensor. The reset time can be controlled by the driver.


I believe most of mine are at 10 seconds, the lowest the generic built in driver goes.


What brand do you have?


How exactly? Only scenario I can think of there would be if you turn OFF the lights faster than the sensor blind/reset time. Are you really turning off lights faster than the 30s timeout?? Hope not, or you will pay many X more in replacing bulbs prematurely over their life from the excessive on/off cycles than you will save on electricity.

Anyway, back on topic, Many different sensors have adjustable blind/reset times.

For example the BeSense ones I use in bathrooms have a "test mode" that reports every 5s. I'm sure that would destroy battery life, but that's your call.

I used to use Nyce zigbee ceiling sensors, but I'm out of the zigbee business and 100% zwave these days with my 110+ sensors. Those did not have adjustable reset time, for the record.

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I have 2 Third Reality motions that reset after about 30 seconds. When they detect motion they start a 10 minute timer in HE. If the timer is already going the motion starts it again.
The timer turns on the garage lights. When the 10 minutes is over the lights turn off.
Sometimes when I walk in front of the motion it doesn't trip. I'm assuming it hasn't reset yet.
However, it may just be a flaky sensor.
Thanks for the info.

Doesn't seem possible if it is resetting the off timer to 10 min on motion detected though... If it is, you can't be in a scenario of less than the reset time on the sensor but lights timed out...

The only scenario that should happen is if the light off timer is < the reset timer of the sensor.

But to your point it could be a missed event on the hub, or other device issue.

I bought a house with Wireless Motion Sensor | Xfinity Home and it has a five second reset time with a two minute cooling period before reactivation. You can find them cheaper on ebay or Amazon.

Aqara P1 motion sensor has a retrigger timing that can be set as low as 2 seconds, however the sensitivity when moving forward/backward to the sensor is not good..

There are are also Tuya motion sensors with reset time of 10 seconds. The 4-in-1 Tuya motion sensor can go even lower.

The Hue motion sensor is probably the better choice.


There's also this old Aqara motion sensor hack. Some have done it with just a #2 pencil apparently. It's murder on the single 2450 battery in high traffic areas, that's why the P1 uses 2 of them.