Motion Sensor Ideas For Something Other Than Lights

I’ve got an extra motion sensor that I’d like to use for something other than lights. Any ideas?

I have a rule setup to close my garage door after 5 minutes IF there's no motion in the area and the door is open.

For a hot water dispenser in the kitchen, I've been thinking about combining motion detection activation with a timed on-off sequence. The rough idea is to have the timed sequence run at intervals just enough to keep the water from getting too cool when there is no motion. But whenever motion is detected, it comes on to have it up to full temp if someone opens the tap.

Trouble is, I don't think the electricity saved would be enough to pay for the motion detector.

Also see: Creeping Elegance.

placed some on the stairs to disarm HSM/alarm at night when someone comes down the stairs to answer the door or are going out at night. Then rearms after no motion for 20 minutes.

also have one in the master bathroom which as well as turning lights off after 30 minutes it also is part of my hot water reticulation system. Which when the hot water temperature (inline temp probe) is below a set point and the bathroom lights are on and motion is detected turns on a pump from my hot water tank and opens a valve to push the cold water in my hot water lines back into the cold water lines.

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I read somewhere that you can drop a motion sensor in the bottom of a deep box or cylinder (think pringles can). Now whenever you wave your hand over it, you'll trigger an event. Basically a hands-free light switch.


I have one in my mailbox. Sends me a notification when the mail arrives. (ie: flips a virtual switch that resets at midnight)

That works. Saw that online somewhere.

I think some have terminals inside and you can actually use with contacts. Go Control (Linear) PIR was one where I saw that before I think. Been a long time since I had one of those.

I've just installed a Wyze cam, but tonight found that snow is problem for false motion events, so I may convert a motion sensor to run off the same supply power to the camera. Not sure that will work as well though, since Wyze seems to always record and then just save the clip on motion detection so they can give you a few seconds before motion was detected so you don't miss anything.

I have a doorbell button on order and I'm going to use that for notifications. Kind of a budget Ring doorbell, but in the style I want, instead of a box that wouldn't fit right anyway. If I had a spare motion sensor with connection points inside, that's what I would use it for. Since I don't, I ordered a contact sensor for the job, which is a sure thing even if it doesn't have terminals inside. You just solder to the reed switch. Should be able to do whatever I want without too many restrictions.

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I use them for controlling GH speakers now.
If there is motion, speaker = on
If no motion, speaker = off


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I use a motion sensor to trigger the door for the dog to unlock. Allowing the dog to join me if it please him.

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We have one tied to an Arduino/Servo/Laser Pointer to 'divert' our numerous cats attention from things they shouldn't be messing with, like the Christmas tree. Has worked quite nicely over the years.


Divert the cat! Hilarious!

I am looking for idea as well, so appreciate all of the ideas up there

We commonly have to let the dogs out the backdoor in the middle of the night, so I added a motion sensor above the door which disables the alarm from going off when the door is opened, times out in 20 miniutes

When friends visit my house they are impressed by my auto door unlock triggered by inside motion.
I added motion sensors on both sides of my front door.
On the inside I have two motion sensors one is an iris V2 I wrapped white medical tape around the sensor to form a tube and create a narrow beam for height control. To prevent small children and pets from activating the motion sensor.
The second inside motion sensor is simply to confirm motion to prevent false triggers.
Outside the door I have another motion sensor that if active prevents the rule from firing.
So the door will not unlock if there is motion outside the door for security.
The outside motion sensor also triggers an announcement "someone is at the front door"
Gives a warning before someone actually rings the doorbell or sometimes the delivery person doesn't ring the doorbell.

I threw a Hue motion sensor in the freezer to let me know if it gets warm.