Motion Lights not turning off scene

Please help me troubleshoot my Motion Lights setup. As per my high level need, if there is motion in basement, then turn on a scene. If there is no motion for 30 mins, turn lights off. As per the below logs, the "turn off" seems to be trigerred correctly...but the lights/scene does not really turn off

Motion Light setup:

Scene setup:

Any thoughts anybody?

Can you show the scene activator device, in particular the attribute relation to ignoring off

Basically I am wondering if this might be your issue.

Sorry, I am new at this. Can you elaborate a bit please which device are you asking for?

I removed the "dont turn off if already on" thinking that might be the issue...but it again failed just now.

I am trying not not turn off the scene, only if "movie lights" switch is on.
You may see below, that currently the movie lights is indeed off right now

But...the "casual light" scene did not turn off(even though log says, "turning off"):

For every scene there is a device created that be used to activate the scene, such as on dashboards. Open the devices page and search for a device with the same name as your scene and a type of Scene Activator.

That is the bug, but let's check the device.

EDIT - My comment here is incorrect, it is a setting in the scene I was referring to.

Is this what you are asking:

I want you to open the device edit page for the Basement Casual Lights

Hmmm.... That's weird.... That may not be the issue

What about the movie light, is it part of media lights?

It is just a virtual switch. When I flip it on, it calls a Rule to enable scene:

Then I'm not sure. You may want to re-create the motion lighting setup, adding each bit one at a time, testing the behaviour does what you want it to do. Start with the basic motion triggering the scene, then introduce each additional setting one at a time.