Motion Lighting Slow to Respond

I did some searches and saw slow responses back in 2018-2020, but did not see anything that indicated what the problem was, so asking again.

Platform Version

Hardware Version
Rev C-7

I just upgraded the platform version yesterday and I migrated from my older C5 to C7 over a week ago. At the time of the migration, I was on the latest platform version. The issue has happened on the C5 platform as well as the C7 and at least three platform versions, the oldest on the C5.
The motion reaction can be slow.

I walk in a room and the log I had shows 12 seconds to turn on the lights. Sometimes this takes much longer and a few times it is a couple of seconds. There are times I have walked into the room, grabbed what I needed and walked away and the light never came on. I glance later and it is on. I do not run the log all the time because I thought maybe that was adding to the performance degeneration of the Hub.

I did some searches and saw ghosting devices, but I do not think this is the issue when the Hub is not sending the signal out. Once the command to turn on the ceiling, it is on. There is no other log activity during the MOTION and LIGHT ON request.

I deleted the Motion and Mode Lighting Rule and recreated, this did not correct the issue. I have not really added many devices recently, so it is not that I have overloaded the Hub. I do have a second Hub, but I have not started setting it up and moving things to it.

Zigbee devices, 56
ZWave, 55

Any suggestions?
Thank you

I'm not sure what you're saying. Are you saying you have ghost devices in your Z-Wave Details table? If you do and the emotion devices you're having problems with are Z-Wave and that can definitely cause issues.

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If you migrated from a C5 with problems by restoring a backup into the C7, then your have moved the same problems into your new hub.

12 seconds is an eternity for a local platform, let alone much longer.

C5 hubs may have ghost devices that are not shown, however if you brought the :ghost: into C7, you should be able to find them on the Z-Wave Details page (at least for Z-Wave devices).

Latency often comes from the mesh network, or other apps on your hub that are spinning out of control (less likely from a built-in in app, unless the rule is not properly designed/formatted). For more details troubleshooting, I recommend checking out the following document for tips and ideas to look for:

For issues specific to Z-Wave, check out this document:

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Thank you for the reply. When I go into ZWave details, none of the devices say ghost. Is that where I would see it?

It is so strange, two mornings ago I walked in and before I could even look at the motion sensor, the lights were on, so I know it can still be fast. 10-15 seconds seems to be the norm.

2022-09-26 12:06:45.841 pm Ceiling was turned on [digital]
2022-09-26 12:06:34.589 pm sMT_Kitchen is active

The way you identify a ghost in your Z-Wave Details page as you look at the last column for each device, called routing. If that routing column is empty that would indicate you have a ghost in your Z-Wave devices.

If you have one or more ghosts that can definitely cause problems like you're seeing.

You can also have slow down issues when you have a Z-Wave device that is very low our out of battery power. So I would check your Z-Wave devices and make sure the batteries are good on them.

Are any of your motion sensors Z-Wave that you're having problems with?

If the problem is consistently that the motion sensor fire is promptly but the switch doesn't react, then that indicates more likely a mesh issue involving Z-Wave or zigbee.


Can you post your z-wave details page in it's entirety?

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I need some of these :thinking: Trigger - emotion device detects wife annoyed, action send message to Johns iPhone 'runs and hide'


I have no devices that say GHOST.

Hard to read, can you use SNIP tool instead? Screen shot not cut and paste.
Like this

  1. Nothing will ever say "Ghost."
  2. Look at the last column in you Z-Wave Details page - the Routing column. If that column is empty for any mains powered device (like a light switch), that means that device is a ghost. Battery powered devices often won't have an entry in that column, that's usually OK.

See @rlithgow1's post above - if you post screen shots of your Z-Wave Details page we can do a better job of helping you.

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OK, I PAUSED the Kitchen rule that I was using an example. It is a Sylvania Zigbee motion sensor. Most of mine are. I moved my Office motion sensor, which is different Zigbee and changed the rule for it. It has responded instantly several times. So this appears to be a Sylvania Zigbee motion sensor issue. I have several of these, what would cause them all to go at the same time? But what I do not understand is that the hub reports the motion is active and 15 seconds later the hub sends the light on command. I would think this delay was in the hub, not the radio, unless it is a negative trigger logging the completion of the sending of the command out the radio.

Here is the log with the new Zigbee device motion sensor (Office) set to turn on the kitchen light.
2022-09-26 02:40:06.724 pm. Kitchen switch was turned on
2022-09-26 02:40:06.560 pm. sM_Office is active

Yeah, it's a hub issue if motion is reported in a timely manner but the switch doesn't respond promptly. If the switch is Z-Wave, it's a Z-Wave mesh issue.

Please post actual screen caps of your entire Z-Wave Details page. Include all columns & rows.

@rlithgow1 and @danabw
I have several devices that I have not installed since I moved. Those are appearing blank. Is that causing issues? I do not want to remove them because I will use them, can I disable them somehow?

Also, I did replace the Zigbee motion sensor with a different model Zigbee and it is responding in less than a second. Three times in a row, great response.
2022-09-26 02:50:43.556 pm. Kitchen switch was turned on
2022-09-26 02:50:43.392 pm. sM_Office is active

I just did see this in my log.
2022-09-26 02:46:57.364 pmwarnZ-Wave Network responded with Busy message.

Not a good message to see.

So you moved from one house to another, and set up your hub, but only installed a subset of your original devices.

Yes, that's a problem, and is the source of your issues. It could be affecting both Z-Wave and Zigbee devices.

Your hub set up routing in your original home based on the distances/location of the hub and all the devices in your first home. Those distances and locations are different in your new home, so the original routings could be very sub-optimal. Also you didn't install all your devices so repeating devices (light switches, plug repeaters, etc.) would not be there to repeat for devices that were using them in the first home. Can create quite a mess...

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I moved a year ago. I setup a few devices and have added. As I said in my original post, there have not been really any changes in months. I think I added a couple lights, but the system has been working since I moved to the house with no issues. I did do a ZWave repair at one point and I did another before the migration to the C7. But the system was working fine in this new house for months and only started seeing the delays about three or four weeks ago. I did notice that the Office Zigbee device is the same as the side hall, which has had issues responding and turning on the light. So it does not appear to be just the Sylvania motion sensors.
7 seconds to turn on
2022-09-26 03:14:22.967 pm. Side Hall was turned off [digital]
2022-09-26 03:14:15.500 pm sM_SideHall is active

Instant turn on using the same manufacture of motion sensor as the sM_SideHall
2022-09-26 03:14:10.555 pm. Ceiling was turned on [digital]
2022-09-26 03:14:10.232 pm. sM_Office is active

That is very very bad. It's causing you to have an unstable mesh. I would remove all the ones you are not using.


I am less knowledgeable than the folks already helping you but that usually doesn't stop me from chiming in! It looks like you already have some good advice to work on.

I occasionally get a slow motion-controlled light and have found a Zigbee motion sensor with a weak battery - even if the driver reports 50% or greater.

You obviously can't replace all the batteries in dozens of motion sensors so I would start with one or two motion sensors for the area that seems slowest or intermittently slowest. The intermittent part is also what I see with a failing battery.

I will let the other guys help you through the "ghost" issue if that is part of the problem. The process was extremely frustrating for me the first time I went through it. The thoughts of "I shouldn't have to do this!" were crippling. Remain calm and civil. Everything is going to be OK.


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@Hal3 Thank you for your information. I did replace all the batteries in the sensors that were slow to respond. That did not solve the issue.

You really need to remove all those devices not in use. Especially after a reboot.

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