Motion lighting + contact

I setup a motion lighting app to turn on lights immediately (0 ramp rate) when motion is detected, also when a gate is opened. I also have it turn off after 3 minutes of no motion and was hoping that would effect the gate so that it would only turn off after 3 minutes as well however it turns off the lights as soon as its closed (for now I have addressed this by making a virtual motion sensor and including that with the real motion sensor and making a RM rule for the contact to set that virtual sensor to active when opened). Also I was hoping to have the lights dim to 0 over a 30 second time period when the 3 minutes is up but I don't see a way to set the off dim speed separate from the on speed.

This is how it is setup currently, before I created the virtual motion device the gate contact sensor was in both the options to enable lights-on and the options for lights-off

Was I missing some setting for it to work how I wanted or is these settings something that can be added to the motion lighting app?


I don't see a way to do it either. If this is a must, then perhaps rule machine would be the best fit. I know that sometimes you have the option to set rate in the driver, but that would be for all scenarios. Maybe you can enter it in as a feature request?

I'll do that, thanks for looking.

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