Motion lighting and simple automation not running consistantly

newbe here... I have been converting rules from ST and have been using primarily Simple automation, Motion. Lighting and one or two Rule machine and Webcore. I have not had much luck getting my automations to execute consistently. One is as simple as turning on a light at a specific time and turning it off, another is a motion rule simply turning on a light and turning it off 4 minutes later. This one turns on but will not turn off on its own.

What am I missing?

You have the light/switch being controlled also as the switch to disable turning off. Motion turns it on, then, being on, it is disabled from turning off.

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Both Motion Lighting and Simple Automation Rules have two useful toggles when troubleshooting why a rule doesn't work.

Switch these on, then check the Logs to see why the rule may not work as expected:


Geez... Thanks!!! That took care of it. Whats odd is that I had that same flow with a few others and they went off ...

There are several options in there: "Switches to turn off" and "Switches to disable turning off". They sound similar but function very differently.

I thought that the rule would detect if the light was manually turned on and would stop the automation from turning it off... but if the automation turned it on automation would also turn it off.